Workplace Wellness Program

Optimizing the Health Message with Wellness Champions

Wellness Champions

It goes without saying that a wellness program is the centerpiece of employee welfare. Isn’t it crucial for organizations to understand what kind of wellness programs are best suited for its employees?

It is very important to have the right people involved in a wellness initiative. It should come with the right support systems. If these are missing, the organization will realize that the messages it sends concerning wellness can lose their meaning or intent. When communication is not up to the mark, the whole wellness program falls flat and becomes a dud. It fails to elicit participation from the required employees.

It is thus important to ensure that wellness programs bring together likeminded people by offering them the opportunity to fulfill the same mission.

The ways by which organizations can send out the right message concerning wellness programs, how they can bring the right people towards such programs, and all other aspects of a wellness program will be the learning a webinar from TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for all the areas of human resources, is offering.

Meaghan Jansen, who owns the Canada-based Employee Wellness Solutions Network (, will offer valuable insights into this topic at this webinar by being its expert. To enroll for this webinar, which is being organized on August 8, please visit


Meaghan will show the means by which a wellness program can be optimized. These include ensuring that the right people are in place to help spread the message, sharing wellness memos, helping to facilitate team challenges, brainstorming on program design, and helping execute the strategy. These are some of the ingredients to making the wellness program a success. These measures can increase the participation rates, which help in making the workplace a more engaged one.

At this webinar, which is of sixty minutes’ duration, Meaghan will cover the following areas:

  • Who is a Wellness Champion?
  • How do you Recruit Wellness Champions?
  • What are the Main Roles?
  • How does a Wellness Team Motivate?
  • Peer Influence Support

This learning session is aimed at the benefit of personnel that are part of a wellness program, such as human resources, wellness champions within a workplace, person responsible for coordinating internal wellness program, executive leaders and employee benefits consultants/brokers.


About the expert: At her Canadian employee and corporate wellness company, Meaghan and her husband present ways of optimizing and messaging wellness programs all over the world.

She is an interest group leader with the International Association for Workplace Health Promotion, a presenter for American College of Sports Medicine and an advisory board member of the Canadian Academy of Lifestyle Medicine.