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Optimizing the Health Message with Wellness Champions


Any organization that brands itself as a promoter of wellness and health among its employees has to get the message across effectively. It needs the participation, of what may be called wellness champions, to ensure the success of such a program.

This is important in not only helping to brand the organization with the external stakeholders, but also among its most vital resource: its employees. When its health message is loud and clear and consistent, it puts in place a corporate wellness strategy that has the power of motivating even those who are not interested in the wellness program.

A webinar from TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for the areas of human resources, on October 3, will show how to select the right people that will go on to make the wellness initiative successful. Meaghan Jansen, who owns the Canada-based Employee Wellness Solutions Network (, will be the speaker at this webinar.

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The success of an employee wellness requires the right supports, in the absence of which, messages can be lost, making communications ineffective, bringing down participation rates. The means to ensure that wellness efforts produce the desired result is to ensure that the employees are on the same page and have the same zeal to work together to make the wellness program successful.

Some of the activities which ensure that this happens include sharing wellness memos, helping the team face challenges, brainstorming on program design and helping to execute the strategy. Higher participation rates result from these activities, which in turn leads to a more engaged workplace.

This webinar, which is aimed at the benefit of human resources, wellness champions within a workplace, persons responsible for coordinating internal wellness program, executive leaders, and employee benefits consultants/brokers, will cover the following areas:

  • Who is a Wellness Champion?
  • How do you Recruit Wellness Champions?
  • What are the Main Roles?
  • How does a Wellness Team Motivate?
  • Peer Influence Support


About the expert: At her Canadian employee and corporate wellness company, Meaghan and her husband present ways of optimizing and messaging wellness programs all over the world.

She is an interest group leader with the International Association for Workplace Health Promotion, a presenter for American College of Sports Medicine and an advisory board member of the Canadian Academy of Lifestyle Medicine.