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Winning Presentation Skills Put Power, Punch and Pizzazz into your Presentations


A presentation is the most powerful means of delivering a message. No matter whether one makes a presentation to one person or to a million people, the effectiveness and the style matter like nothing else. A powerful presentation speaks more for the person making it than for what it delivers. A person who has the art of delivering an effective presentation is highly valued and esteemed.

It is estimated that the content of the presentation matters to a small extent-only 15% of the effectiveness. The rest is accounted to the skill or the way in which the content was presented. This underscores the importance of a solid presentation. Having said this, does making an impactful and effective presentation depend on complex factors?

No. This is an art that can be imbibed even by people with minimal presentation or communication skills. The ways by which they can refine their abilities and deliver killer presentations will be the content of a ninety-minute webinar session that is being organized by TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for the areas of human resources, on September 11.

Arnold Sanow, a Certified Speaking Professional, will be the expert at this session. Please log on to,-punch-and-pizzazz-into-your-presentations–702554LIVE?wordpress-seo to register for this highly valuable session.


Arnold will help the participants of this session deliver their presentations with grace and professionalism. He will teach them how to captivate their listeners, persuade their audience to implement what is taught at their presentation, and gain in comfort and confidence while doing so.

The result of this learning is that the presentations the participants make after taking up this learning will sizzle and sparkle. Arnold will teach them the skills needed for effectively designing, developing and delivering the presentations that persuade, motivate and influence customers and co-workers and win more proposals.

The most important learning that participants will walk away with is an understanding of how to overcome the biggest challenge for presenters: the inability to communicate their message in a manner that the audience understands and relates exactly to.


Aimed at any company or organization where presentations have to be delivered for conferences, in-house meetings or to customers, Executives, Managers, Technical Staff and Sales Staff, this session will cover the following areas:

  • Characteristics of successful presenters
  • The 12 most common mistakes presenters make
  • 5 steps to deal with “speakers’ anxiety”
  • The 4 different communication styles and how to use them to your advantage
  • How to build rapport and connect with your audience
  • 3 techniques for making effective impromptu presentations
  • Planning your presentation step-by-step
  • 6 dynamic ways to open your presentation
  • 15 ways to keep your audiences’ attention
  • Strategies for dealing with a disruptive audience
  • How to use humor
  • Use of audio-visual aids
  • Effective use of body language
  • 7 strategies for closing your presentation


About the expert: Arnold Sanow is a presentation, personal presence and communication skills expert who speaks and works with speakers to assist them in their presentation and communication skills.

Author of six books, he has delivered over 2,500 keynotes, seminars and training sessions to over 500 different companies, associations and governmental agencies. He is also a former adjunct professor at Georgetown University in Washington DC.