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Multi-State Payroll Compliance


Employers that employ people in more than one State need to be fully aware of the payroll laws in each of these States. This is necessary to show compliance with the laws, failure at which can result in several penalties.

TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for all the areas of human resources, will offer complete understanding of the very important learning related to multistate payroll compliance at a comprehensive, three-hour webinar it is organizing on June 19.

Dayna Reum, Payroll Tax Manager at PetSmart Inc., will be the expert at this session, which, over three hours, will give its participants complete knowledge of this topic. Please visit to register for this session. This webinar has been approved for 3 HR (General) recertification credit hours toward aPHR, PHR, PHRca, SPHR, GPHR, PHRi and SPHRi recertification through HR Certification Institute (HRCI).


The main learning the participants of this session will get is an understanding of how to process, tax and maintain employees in multiple states. The expert will dwell on the state wage and hour laws at length and show the participants how to apply them with the federal wage and hour laws.

This knowledge will help them determine the right taxation and proper reporting. Dayna will enhance learning by offering in-depth understanding of the polices on multi state taxation. She will explain case studies in a hands-on manner. The special situations and the states laws, which include deceased wages, unclaimed wages and employee overpayments, will all be explained. Another important topic she will cover is garnishment, at which she will discuss state concerns about and what special garnishment reporting requirements are necessary in some states.

Aimed at payroll professionals at all levels, this webinar will cover the following areas:

  • State Wage and Hours
    • Timing of pay
    • Methods of Payment
      • Electronic payments
      • Electronic pay stubs
      • Deductions from pay
    • Minimum Wage
      • Tip Credit
      • Rates of pay
    • State vs. Federal Law
      • White Collar Exemptions
      • Child Labor
      • Overtime Requirements
      • Rest & Meal Periods
      • Waiting time/Call in
  • State Garnishment/Levy Rules
    • State garnishment requirements and how they impact CCPA
    • Handling garnishments from different states
    • State Levy withholding requirements
    • State Lump Sum reporting
    • Administrative Fee’s
  • Special Wage Payments
    • Unclaimed Wages
      • Reporting Requirements
      • Timing for when wages are abandoned
      • Payments Requirements
    • Deceased Wages
      • Limits on what can be paid
      • Who to pay to
    • Termination Pay Requirements
      • When to pay terminated employees
      • What should be included in final pay
    • Overpayments
      • What can be deducted from pay and when
        • Hourly vs Salary deductions
      • Gross vs Net Repayments
      • Non-Cash overpayments
  • State Income Tax
    • Determining state tax liability
    • Resident vs. Non-Resident Withholding
    • Reciprocal Agreements
    • Multiple State Withholding
    • New Legislation
      • Domestic Partner
      • 401K
    • Supplemental Wages
    • Employee withholding Certificates
    • Year End Reporting
  • State Unemployment Insurance
    • Determining state SUI liability
      • Common Law
    • SUI covered wages for transfers among state
    • SUI wage base
    • Employee funded SUI
    • FUTA Credit reduction
    • Voluntary Contributions
  • State Disability and Local Taxes
    • SSDI state withholding and reporting
    • SSDI Rates and Wage Limits
  • State Local Taxes
    • Local taxation states
    • Withholding rules by state
  • New Hire Reporting
    • State Requirements
    • Recordkeeping
  • Paid Sick Leave
    • Required sick pay
    • Required Sick leave


About the expert: Being experienced in the payroll field for over 15 years, Dayna specializes in payroll basics, global/cultural awareness, immigration basics for the payroll professional, multi-state and local taxation and quality control for payroll, international and Canadian payroll.

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2019 Payroll Tax Update: New Forms and Requirements Explained


One of the changes the IRS has brought in includes an update in the penalties for information returns. Companies whose W-2’s and the required ACA forms are still required will end up paying more penalties. One more issue that organizations have to keep in mind is the fact that the IRS has implemented a pilot program. This program affects payroll service providers as they are now required to have an additional number on the W-2 to help reduce identity theft. This pilot was considered so successful that the Form W-2 for 2019 has now been updated.

It is updates and matters such as this that will be the learning a webinar from TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for all the areas of human resources, is imparting. This webinar will be organized on April 24, and its speaker is Dayna Reum, Payroll Tax Manager at PetSmart Inc. To gain insights into this crucial topic, please register for this webinar by visiting .


The aim of this webinar is to familiarize participants with the updates for 2019, which is necessary to stay in compliance with the IRS.  Dayna will give participants an understanding of the present status of this legislation. She will help them understand the possible impacts that tax reforms bring and update them with the position of the legislation vis-à-vis tax reform and the IRS’s thinking in this matter.

In addition to offering them an understanding of the annual updates that they need to be aware of, she will also update them on forms and teach them how to handle them for 2019. Yet another important understanding she will offer is the topic of tax reform and how it will continue to impact the way payroll functions.

This session will benefit Payroll Professionals, Tax Professionals, Accountants, Controllers and Human Resource Professionals, and will cover the following areas:

  • Form 941 & Form W-2
  • Deadline Updates for 2018 for W-2 Reporting
  • Changes to the Form 941 for 2019
  • Tax Reform Updates
  • Annual Taxation Updates
  • Deferred Comp
  • IRS Limits (Mileage, transportation, etc.)
  • Taxation of Fringe Benefits
  • 2019 Budget and Payroll Impact
  • Tax Reform and what it Could Mean for you.


About the speaker: Dayna has received a Citation of Merit for her service along with being a Gold Pin member of the APA. A Certified Payroll Professional, she also serves on the National American Payroll Association on the national Strategic Leadership Task Force, Government Affairs Task Force. Dayna is also certified in HR hiring and firing practices and is a Six-Sigma Greenbelt.


Human Resources Training, payroll best practices

Webinar from TrainHR on NY Payroll Update


The State of New York has been enacting payroll laws that have been particularly focused on employers and employee employer relationship. This has been the trend for the past few years, where its laws have concentrated on everything from wage and hour concerns to taxation to even how the State wants employers to handle overpayments to employees.

It is necessary for many organizations that are based in New York or have employees in the State to have full knowledge of this set of payroll rules. This knowledge helps firms to compliant with the law, which will help them avoid the penalties that come with noncompliance.

A webinar from TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for the human resources industry, will offer complete learning on these payroll laws in the State of New York.

Dayna Reum, Payroll Tax Manager at PetSmart Inc., will be the speaker at this useful session. Please visit to register for this webinar and gain important insights into how to comply with the regulations set out by the New York State payroll laws.

Learning on all the aspects of payroll for employers in the state of New York

The main focus of this learning is the review that Dayna will make of all the aspects of payroll for employers in the state of New York. Taxes will be discussed from state withholding to the Metro Commuter Tax. She will also explain all the wage and hour rules, right from minimum wage, to voting time requirements. Another important learning that this webinar will offer is the newly updated legislation concerning lawful deductions from pay.

This session is of extremely high value to those who process payroll for employees in New York. Dayna will give them a thorough and proper understanding of the complicated state payroll laws that apply to such organizations or individuals. She will cover the following areas at this 60-minute webinar:

  • Details of NY Wage and Hour Rules
  • Concerns Regarding Deductions of Wages and Overpayment Rules
  • Understanding State Tax Withholding Requirements and Reporting
  • NY Local Taxes, Disability Taxes and how to Handle
  • Wage Payment and Pay Card Legislation
  • Terminated Employee Concerns.

Personnel and organizations that deal with the payroll taxes, such as Payroll Professionals, Tax Professionals, Accountants, Controllers and Human Resource Professionals will benefit from this webinar.


About the speaker: Dayna has worked extensively on payroll related matter for over 15 years. Winner of several merit awards for Customer Service and Acquisitions and Divestitures, Dayna has also taught at the Metro Phoenix American Payroll Association meetings and at the Arizona State Payroll Conference on topics such as including Payroll Basics, Global/Cultural Awareness, Immigration Basics for the Payroll Professional, Multi-State and Local Taxation and Quality Control for Payroll, international and Canadian payroll. Besides her payroll accomplishments, Dayna is certified in HR hiring and firing practices and is a Six-Sigma Greenbelt.