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Effective Techniques to Deal with Difficult Customers: Resolve Complaints and Gain Customer Satisfaction


How to communicate effectively…well, this is a billion dollar question in the minds of most people for whom communication is part of their professional or personal existence. A gifted communicator is not necessarily the most effective one, and vice versa. Being articulate and stylish in one’s communication can help to make an impact to an extent.

However, it is the effective communicator whose impact lasts, because the effective communicator communicates what needs to be communicated, in the right measure, and with the accurate and exact choice of words. This communication may not be grandiloquent, may not consist of the most elegant words, or may not be the most attractive one, too.

The test of communication is in how effective it is, rather than how stylish it is. David Rohlander, author of the bestselling book, CEO Code, will, at a webinar that TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for the human resources areas, is organizing on March 25, explain all the core aspects of effective communication.

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At this webinar, David will help participants to understand how to use communication to deal with all kinds of people that we meet during the course of everyday life. He will explain how it is a great tool to deal with difficult people, especially when in sales and marketing. Participants of this webinar will learn how to be effective in communicating so that it brings a smile on their client’s face and make every customer happy.

David will traverse the road from the broad philosophy of effective communication to how to drill it down to activities in our daily lives to emerge successful as a communicator.

He will help the participants explore the five core elements of effective communication, namely trust, respect, understanding, empathy and resolution, out of all of which, the quality of understanding takes the prime position.

During the course of this webinar, David will cover the following areas:

  • What is Effective Communication?
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Understanding
  • Empathy
  • Resolution
  • It is an art
  • Personal Agendas
  • Dealing with Difficult Customers and Clients
  • Understanding each Individuals Goals and Fears
  • Learning Specific Techniques to use with others, the Good, Bad and Ugly

Personnel whose primary area of work involves communication, for whom effective communication is a must, will benefit hugely from this webinar. These include CEO, President, C-Suite Officers, Managers, Supervisors, high potential employees being groomed for advancement, and frontline employees who interface with customers


About the expert:

David Rohlander is a highly acclaimed Executive Coach at David Rohlander, Inc., David Rohlander. Following the success of this first book, The CEO Code, Penguin/Alpha Books asked him to write another, Idiot’s Guides: Management Skills, which was released in late 2014.


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The Foundations of Excellent Customer Service – A 2019 Perspective


What is more important for a business than customer service? Nothing builds a better relationship between a business and its sustainers-the customers-than excellent customer service. Indeed, customer service is at the heart of a healthy business.

Undoubtedly, the starting point to professional customer service is a keen understanding of what the customer wants. They want to be given professional, polite and prompt service, and most important of all, be cared for. These are some of the fundamental aspects of customer behavior. When these are built into a business, the brand has earned a high level of loyalty among its customers. This is the surest means to making a business and a brand successful.

These and other interesting aspects of customer service will be the topic of a highly perceptive learning session that is being organized by TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for all the areas of human resources, on July 12. At this session, Tony White, a well-known communication expert, will be the expert.

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Tony will help the participants of this webinar build the foundations of exceptional customer service skills for anyone that deals directly with customers. This learning is of high value for those who face customers either in person or over the phone consistently. He will show how to maintain a high degree of customer satisfaction and keep conflict at a minimum.

The core of this webinar is helping participants understand what the customer wants. This is the root of excellent customer service. The expert at this webinar will show how to gauge customers’ real interests in a brand or a product and explain how to show that they are really cared for.

Aimed at anyone who deals with front line customers either face to face or over the phone in the course of their work, this webinar will offer the following takeaways:

  • Meeting customer needs and deescalating conflict
  • Understanding the customers’ true needs of what they want to interact with the service provider
  • Building a sense of empathy, acknowledgement and playback skills in the individual or the team that handles customer support and service.

Tony will cover the following areas at this webinar:

  • Advanced poll questions of your experience with what customers want
  • Identifying best practices-what today’s customers really want and expect in 2019 (based on experience and latest research)
  • The Interest based approach to communication & service – results, process and emotional interests that ALL customers need
  • The core critical skills of empathy, acknowledgement and play back to meet needs while minimizing conflict potential
  • How to reframe the service “forbidden” phrases into more customer-centric responses


About the expert:

Tony White has conducted training workshops, delivered keynote addresses and facilitated high-level executive initiatives for a broad cross section of business, education, and government organizations for over twenty-five years.

During this long tenure, he has held very notable positions ranging from part-owner and director of a private label food manufacturing company, a partner in an international training company, a change management specialist in a global enterprise, a community college outreach partner, and an in-house instructional designer with a high-profile government office.

Tony is also author of “Make It Happen – A Practical Handbook for Team Leaders, Project Managers and Facilitators to Build, Facilitate and Repair High Performance Teams”.