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Harness your Energy – Build your Resilience – Lessons to De-stress, Decompress and Gain More Life


Stress and anxiety are an indispensable side effect of our professional and personal lives. Almost no one is exempt from these. It is estimated that 20% of the people experience a mental health issue at some point of time in their lives. About a sixth of employees take off from work or school to deal with a mental health issue. If stress levels are such that they have consequences of such a profound nature, isn’t it time to do something about it?

Beverly Beuermann-King, an HR professional who specializes in working with people and organizations who want to control their reactions to stress, build resiliency against life’s challenges and live healthy, will, at a webinar show how to cultivate the mind-set for handling stress through the S-O-S method.

This webinar, which is being organized by TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for the areas of human resources on October 25, is aimed at teaching its participants how to effectively manage their energy in order to be productive, motivated and happy. It will offer them a few practical tips that they can use while at work. Please visit TrainHR to gain the valuable learning imparted at this webinar.


Anger, irritability and anxiety are but a few manifestations of stress. Stress is a fact of life, and nothing can be done about it. But we certainly can change the way we look at it and handle it. It requires resilience, focus and support. This webinar will explain how to attain all these using the S-O-S method. This method is aimed at helping people harnessing their energies and become resilient, which will help cope with bad situations.

It goes beyond being at the gym or taking a jog. It goes beyond even eating right. Discover the wonders of this outlook at this webinar, which has been designed to foster self-awareness among participants, imbibe them with new skills and tools to increase their energy, and encourage them to commit to a change.

These are the areas that this webinar will cover:

  • Proactively identify the various changes and challenges that are zapping their energy and negatively impacting their life
  • Understand the different types of stress busters that can be performed in the workplace that can release the physical effects of stress, protect your health and enable you to relax more and feel better
  • Recognize your energy cycle, avoid the afternoon slump and work with your body’s natural rhythms instead of against them to recharge yourself throughout the day
  • Utilize various resiliency strategies based on the S-O-S Principle TM to increase and restore energy such as power foods and adequate sleep
  • Utilize deep breathing as a primary relaxation and focusing technique, perform several types of ‘deskercises’ that can relieve tension and avoid various obstacles that prevent using the stress buster strategies.


About the expert: Beverly is one of less than seventy Canadians to have earned their Certified Speaking Professional designation. A sought-after media spokesperson, she has made over 500 television and radio appearances on shows such as City TV and CBC, and in national publications from the Toronto Star newspaper to Chatelaine magazine.

For over 20 years, Beverly has used her S-O-S Principle with people and organizations who want to control their reactions to stress, build resiliency against life’s challenges, and live healthy, successful lives.

Beverly launched her company, R ‘n B Consulting, in 1995, and since then she has helped teams from a wide range of industries (including healthcare, education, government agencies, finance, and not-for-profit) to shift from stressed out to resilient, enabling them to be happier, engaged, and successful.