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Using Behavior Based Interviewing to Select the Right Candidate


Nothing is perhaps as important for an organization as hiring the right people. This is the most crucial ingredient for organizational success. While the right hire can bring the organization multifold returns, a wrong hire can do just the opposite. It disturbs the functioning of the company in many ways, apart of course, from costing it monetarily. It is also a fact that the cause of most involuntary terminations can be traced to improper hiring. In spite of this, companies and their human resources departments make many bad hiring decisions for key positions.

This may not be intended, but the loss that a bad hire brings is something that an organization cannot overlook or forego. This makes adapting the right hiring technique an imperative for organizations. HR needs to understand just what parameters work for the right hiring. One of the most effective hiring techniques an organization’s HR can adapt is what is called the behavior-based interviewing method to help predict the kind of person it is hiring.

How does behavior-based interviewing work?

Behavior-based interviewing uses past behavior as an indicator of the performance that can be expected in the future from a candidate. It looks not merely at the achievements listed out in the candidate’s resume, but explores the way the candidate behaved in proven situations in the past, which can be a strong predictor of how she will behave in the future in the light of the organization’s business needs and objectives.

A webinar from TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for all the areas of human resources, will help you understand the concept of behavior-based interviewing in greater depth. This webinar, being organized on May 2, will have Grant Schneider, president and founder of Performance Development Strategies, as the expert.

To enroll for this 60-minute session and to get a thorough understanding of how to adapt behavior-based for your organization, please visit .


Grant will explain how to use past behaviors, rather than the resume, as the criterion for zeroing in on the right candidate. He will show how to use this as a measure of the extent to which the candidate is going to perform in her future role in the organization and evaluate the responses. This is a more predictable and concrete means to assessing a candidate’s suitability to a position than relying on mere assumption and gutfeel. Behavior-based interviewing builds on the belief that a candidate’s past is the most effective criterion for assessing her present. At this session, which will be of immense benefit to personnel who are involved in hiring, such as HR Professionals, CEO, Senior Vice President, Vice President, Executive Director, Managing Director, Regional Vice President, Area Supervisor and Managers; Grant will cover the following areas:

  • How to create and ask open-ended questions
  • How to solicit examples of past behavior to predict future behavior
  • How to take useful interview notes
  • How to get beyond the rehearsed answers to find out what a candidate is really thinking
  • How to establish interview evaluation criteria
  • How to identify and evaluate skills objectively.


About the expert: Grant Schneider is a Certified Coach who uses an approach that helps organizations identify their vision of success, develop the roadmap, create goals and then achieve those goals. His organization helps organizations achieve greater results by aligning people in the organization with the organization’s mission and strategy. Grant helps these organizations create change, develop managers and executives, and create high performing teams resulting in engaged employees and loyal customers.

A past president of the Westchester Human Resource Management Association and past Executive Director of the New York State Society for Human Resource Management who has served on the Society for Human Resources’ national panel for HR Metrics and Human Capital Measurement; Grant currently runs the Academy for Entrepreneurial Excellence, which is a joint venture of the Business Council of Westchester and Westchester Community College.