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Decision making, Problem Solving and Troubleshooting: Tips and Techniques


Decision-making, problem solving and troubleshooting lie at the heart of business organizations. They are an absolute must for organizations that want to compete and stay ahead of the race. The effectiveness of these traits can be the difference between a quick, proper solution and a bad one. Those who handle technical areas have to make decision-making, problem solving and troubleshooting an intrinsic and integral part of their everyday work.

Process is at the core of these traits. When decision-making, problem solving and troubleshooting are built on the wrong processes, the best of people can get their act wrong.

A webinar that TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for all the areas of human resources, is organizing on April 22, will shed light on

Randy Park, facilitator and author, will be the expert at a webinar. to enroll for this program, please visit TrainHR.


The purpose of this webinar is to offer its participants the ken needed to diagnose why a certain plan or an action is not working the way they were meant to.  The expert will help the participants gain an understanding of the various aspects of the human thought process to explore situations in which intuition becomes valuable in facilitating fast solutions, and those in which it could simply lead the decisionmaker awry.

At this webinar, the expert will offer tips and tools which the participants can use to quickly analyze what is happening and why things went wrong. Using these tips and tools, the participants will also be able to identify how their own thinking may be blocking the path to finding a solution. Putting these into practice will help them to achieve faster solutions and make fewer mistakes.

He will also familiarize the participants with unique tools such as “Think About It!”. This worksheet is of immense help in letting the participants analyze where they are going wrong and in quickly helping them get unstuck, documenting their solution, and increasing their organizational intelligence to help them and others in the future

This webinar is designed for those whose job revolves around solving problems. It is immensely useful for those who spend time figuring out what went wrong, are under pressure to find solutions quickly, and who frequently get stuck finding solutions.

At this session, Randy Park will cover the following areas:

  • How to make Faster Decisions when you can
  • How to Realize when you Need a more thorough Analysis
  • Tools to get Unstuck when Solving Problems
  • How to Identify possible Solutions you’ve Missed
  • Visual Tools that Increase Insight.

Those who will benefit from this webinar include CEO’s, Executives, Managers, and HR Professionals.


About the expert: Author of the books, “Thinking for Results-Success Strategies” and “The Prediction Trap- and how to avoid it”, Randy specializes in helping individuals and organizations understand their decision making processes and their own thinking strengths and traps. He provides practical tools applicable to strategic thinking, decision making, and problem solving – especially in the face of uncertainty and complexity.

Randy is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and has spoken to thousands of people around the world. He lives in Toronto and has appeared on radio and TV across the country.

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Shifting from Employee Engagement to Employee Experience


Organizations that experience a high turnover are ones whose employees are disengaged. Such organizations are usually clueless about what motivates their employees. Retaining employees is a great challenge for organizations, all the more in this time, where as many as five generations work simultaneously at the workplace, in a first such scenario.

This calls for organizations to revaluate their culture and their attitude, because they have to handle different expectations from the different generations. How to communicate with their employees and with the outer world and how to make use of technology, since this is a prime feature of the Millennials, are just a couple of factors that organizations need to factor in.

Tonia Morris, Founder of Simply HR, LLC, a consultant and management firm, who will be the expert at a webinar that is being organized on March 25 by TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for all the areas of human resources, explain the evolution of the workforce, and how it has impacted today’s organizations.

To gain insights into this crucial aspect of organizations, please join in by registering at TrainHR.

This activity has been approved for 1 HR (General) recertification credit hours toward aPHR, PHR, PHRca, SPHR, GPHR, PHRi and SPHRi recertification through HR Certification Institute (HRCI).

Viewing this webinar, its entirety qualifies for a recertification credit hour that may be counted toward SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP recertification from SHRM. Credit is awarded based on the actual educational time spent in the program.


Tonia will give a proper understanding of the real reasons for which employers are lacking in their loyalty to organizations. This is primarily because organizations have yet to find a way by which to align their values with those of a vastly varied generational workforce.

Leaders at every level, staff, HR and CEO are some of the personnel who will benefit from this session. At this webinar, Tonia will cover the following areas:

  • Define Employee Engagement vs Employee Experience
  • Employee Experience Equation
  • 3 Types of Organization Structures
  • 3 Leadership Approaches
  • 5 Generations.


About the speaker:

Tonia Morris, who calls herself “your Generational Connector”, owns her speaking and training company. An accomplished speaker, Tonia offers leaders training solutions that cultivate a generationally-inclusive workplace.

She has partnered with organizations such as Chick-fil-A, Oracle, Spelman and Kennesaw University to name a few, to bring training solutions for engaging Millennials in the workplace, working with leaders to transform their cultures by attracting, developing and retaining a workforce that is generationally inclusive.

With more than 20+ years of progressive HR experience, Tonia provides keynote speeches, lunch-and-learns, and workshops for organizations and associations across the Southeast.


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Performance Management: Dealing With the Difficult Employee


The difficult employee, or the employee that reeks of negativity and toxicity, is someone every organization has to be prepared to face at some or another point of time in its existence. Even if HR subjects the interview process of all candidates with utmost diligence, there is a chance that a negative person can slip through the noose and make it to the organization.

How does the organization deal with such an employee? How does it motivate him or her to perform well and contribute to the organization’s growth? These are challenging questions for even managers with the finest man management skills. It is a fact that much of management’s energies and strengths are drained in managing such an employee. Whether it is in the matter of attitude, attendance or just lack of ability to carry out the designated work, management is up against odds when it comes to employees with attitude problems.

A sixty-minute webinar from TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for all the areas of human resources, on March 31, will show how to deal with such situations. The expert at this session is Bob Verchota, owner and senior consultant for RPVerchota & Associates, a consulting firm.

Please visit TrainHR to enroll for this learning and derive valuable knowledge of dealing with the performance issues concerning the toxic employee.


It is no secret that most organizations come across toxic employees. The toxic employee can spread her or his venomous attitude to the other employees. More than half of the employees are victims of abusive or intimidating behavior from their toxic colleagues.

At this webinar, Bob will equip managers with the insight and tools with which to deal with performance issues effectively. With these tools and insights, they will be able to learn the ways of preparing rightly for facing such employees. They will be able to hold such employees to account, as a result of which they can bring about improvements in their organizations.

One of the major takeaways for the participants from this session is the several handouts that Bob will give them. These are some kind of a toolkit with which they can start their own employee correction program. These handouts are:

  • A copy of the presentation
  • A sample corrective action policy
  • Sample corrective action documentation form
  • A termination checklist
  • A sample Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) form
  • A sample Investigation Questionnaire Form.

At this webinar, which is aimed at benefiting personnel such as managers and supervisors who have responsibility for corrective action, human resources professionals, and people who aspire to leadership and supervisory positions, Bob will cover the following areas:

  • How to start off on the right foot by creating clear expectations
  • How poor performance effects organizational performance and work environments
  • How progressive discipline policies can hurt you
  • Why probationary periods may be a bad idea
  • What is employment-at-will and when can you use it?
  • The key concepts in just cause
  • Steps for conducting disciplinary investigations
  • How to hold employees accountable for sustained change
  • A simple system for determining how to coach employees
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • 11 barriers supervisors face in managing behavior
  • Methods for objectively documenting Toxic Attitude Syndrome
  • How to prepare for termination
  • How to prepare for and conduct a disciplinary meeting
  • Performance Improvement Plans – receive a sample form
  • Setting SMART goals for employee performance


About the expert: Bob Verchota ‘s firm offers services to clients who seek to align their business and employees and helps them to create successful outcomes and excellent work environments.

It provides solutions to companies for a wide variety of HR issues including training and development, compensation, compliance, policy development, performance management, employee relations and managing change from mergers and acquisitions to project specific disruptions of the status quo.

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Project Management Essentials: The 8 Keys To Bring Every Project In On Time and On Budget


Chris DeVany, Founder and president of Pinnacle Performance Improvement Worldwide, will be the expert at a webinar on the topic, “Project Management Essentials: The 8 Keys To Bring Every Project In On Time and On Budget”, which TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for all the areas of human resources, is organizing on December 3.

The aim of this webinar is to help the participants know how to manage their projects on time and on budget, eliminate worries about the lack of experience among team members managing and stalling a project, and manage others’ expectations more effectively.

To enroll for this very useful session, please visit TrainHR.


Chris will give a thorough understanding of all the aspects of a project about which the project members need to be very diligent if they have to complete projects effectively, on time and within budget. These include:

  • Managing projects and customer relationships effectively
  • Understanding the full scope of a customer project
  • Assembling the necessary resources to effectively manage a customer relationship and attendant projects
  • Deciding whom to delegate specific responsibilities and the time at which to do this.

CEO’s, Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, Executive Directors, Managing Directors, Regional Vice Presidents, Area Supervisors, and Managers that attend this webinar will be able to:

  • Understand the essentials of project management
  • Plan for identifying project needs
  • Practice scheduling and teaming
  • Create the necessary plans which will them to manage projects more effectively to success
  • More effectively manage others’ expectations
  • Keep projects on track
  • Gain knowledge and skills they can apply to all project team situations
  • Keep content, process and structure on track to produce positive outcomes.

About the Expert: Chris’ organization focuses on management and organization development. Chris has published numerous articles in the fields of surviving mergers and acquisitions, surviving change, project management, management, sales, team-building, leadership, ethics, customer service, diversity and work-life balance, in publications ranging from ASTD/Performance In Practice to Customer Service Management.

His book, “90 Days to a High-Performance Team”, published by McGraw Hill and often accompanied by in-person, facilitated instruction, has helped and continues to help thousands of executives, managers and team leaders improve performance.

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Harness your Energy – Build your Resilience – Lessons to De-stress, Decompress and Gain More Life


Stress and anxiety are an indispensable side effect of our professional and personal lives. Almost no one is exempt from these. It is estimated that 20% of the people experience a mental health issue at some point of time in their lives. About a sixth of employees take off from work or school to deal with a mental health issue. If stress levels are such that they have consequences of such a profound nature, isn’t it time to do something about it?

Beverly Beuermann-King, an HR professional who specializes in working with people and organizations who want to control their reactions to stress, build resiliency against life’s challenges and live healthy, will, at a webinar show how to cultivate the mind-set for handling stress through the S-O-S method.

This webinar, which is being organized by TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for the areas of human resources on October 25, is aimed at teaching its participants how to effectively manage their energy in order to be productive, motivated and happy. It will offer them a few practical tips that they can use while at work. Please visit TrainHR to gain the valuable learning imparted at this webinar.


Anger, irritability and anxiety are but a few manifestations of stress. Stress is a fact of life, and nothing can be done about it. But we certainly can change the way we look at it and handle it. It requires resilience, focus and support. This webinar will explain how to attain all these using the S-O-S method. This method is aimed at helping people harnessing their energies and become resilient, which will help cope with bad situations.

It goes beyond being at the gym or taking a jog. It goes beyond even eating right. Discover the wonders of this outlook at this webinar, which has been designed to foster self-awareness among participants, imbibe them with new skills and tools to increase their energy, and encourage them to commit to a change.

These are the areas that this webinar will cover:

  • Proactively identify the various changes and challenges that are zapping their energy and negatively impacting their life
  • Understand the different types of stress busters that can be performed in the workplace that can release the physical effects of stress, protect your health and enable you to relax more and feel better
  • Recognize your energy cycle, avoid the afternoon slump and work with your body’s natural rhythms instead of against them to recharge yourself throughout the day
  • Utilize various resiliency strategies based on the S-O-S Principle TM to increase and restore energy such as power foods and adequate sleep
  • Utilize deep breathing as a primary relaxation and focusing technique, perform several types of ‘deskercises’ that can relieve tension and avoid various obstacles that prevent using the stress buster strategies.


About the expert: Beverly is one of less than seventy Canadians to have earned their Certified Speaking Professional designation. A sought-after media spokesperson, she has made over 500 television and radio appearances on shows such as City TV and CBC, and in national publications from the Toronto Star newspaper to Chatelaine magazine.

For over 20 years, Beverly has used her S-O-S Principle with people and organizations who want to control their reactions to stress, build resiliency against life’s challenges, and live healthy, successful lives.

Beverly launched her company, R ‘n B Consulting, in 1995, and since then she has helped teams from a wide range of industries (including healthcare, education, government agencies, finance, and not-for-profit) to shift from stressed out to resilient, enabling them to be happier, engaged, and successful.

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Creating an Engaged Workforce


If there is one component that determines whether an organization is an average one or an excellent one, it has to be the extent to which it keeps its employees engaged. An organization that brings about a degree of employee engagement can weather any storm, whether it is related to its people or its business.

Why is an engaged workforce any organization’s biggest asset? Simply because it associates itself with the organization’s values, business, and culture. Engaged employees like to think that they are working not for the organization’s, but their own good. That is the level of involvement that engaged employees have. When this is what employees, the organization’s greatest strength, thinks, then, such an organization is a winner all along.

While this is much true for any organization, the opposite of it is equally so: an organization in which the employees feel out of place or out of sync is doomed. When employees don’t have a sense of belonging towards the organization, it is impossible to expect them to give their best. Such employees will only keep looking for excuses to keep performing below par.

So then, how does an organization create an engaged workforce? This valuable learning can be gained from a webinar that TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for the areas of human resources, is organizing on September 25. Bob Verchota, owner and senior consultant for RPVerchota & Associates, a consulting firm, will be the speaker at this session.

Please visit TrainHR to enroll for this session.


Creating an engaged workforce is a work of art. It is a journey and not a destination. An engaged workforce is motivated, energetic, and fired up, and is enthusiastic to contribute to the organization. It goes without saying that such a workforce is always looking to enhance the organization’s reputation and working conditions, not to speak of the bottom-line.

Yet, sadly, two out of every three organizations fail to create an engaged workforce. This means that this is both a curse and a boon. A curse because it shows that way too many organizations are yet to take the steps needed to make the workforce an engaged one. It is also a godsend because it means that a bountiful opportunity awaits organizations that want to make its workforce an engaged one.

At this webinar, Bob will help the participants explore what factors facilitate or deter the employees in becoming engaged. He will suggest practical and tangible steps that they can take to make this happen.

He will cover the following areas over the sixty minutes of this webinar:

  • What is engagement and why it matters
  • The outcomes of an engaged workforce
  • The difference between satisfaction, happiness, and engagement
  • Understand benefits for the business and the individual
  • Foundational factors necessary for engagement to be possible
  • Factors that disengage employees
  • Strategies for creating an engaged workforce
  • The power of coaching and its link to engagement
  • Why compensation isn’t the answer
  • The link to vision, mission, and values
  • How management is a major barrier to engagement
  • Leadership competencies that influence engagement
  • Recruiting for an engaged workforce
  • Importance of creating a sense of community
  • Engagement and corporate social responsibility

Senior leadership, leaders responsible for work culture, HR directors and generalists, managers, supervisors, and team leaders, and board members will benefit from the learning imparted at this webinar.


About the expert: Bob Verchota ‘s firm offers services to clients who seek to align their business and employees and helps them to create successful outcomes and excellent work environments.

It provides solutions to companies for a wide variety of HR issues including training and development, compensation, compliance, policy development, performance management, employee relations and managing change from mergers and acquisitions to project specific disruptions of the status quo