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Strategic Planning and Execution: The 1-2-3 Year Plan for Enterprise Success


Chalking out a sound business strategy and constantly introspecting on its effectiveness for the organization are a must for the organization’s leadership. The organization has to keep looking at questions such as how it develops strategy, who thinks strategically in the organization, and if the organization is implementing strategies that create value, generate growth and result in profits.

Leadership should also analyze what new approaches might trigger the organization’s move to a new level of high performance. With the evolution of strategy formation and strategic thinking, it is absolutely essential for organizations to keep probing themselves about these core questions.

Organizations’ leadership needs to have the answers to these questions. It should also have clarity on what tools still work and continue to be useful or otherwise in the development of the strategy.

Want to gain sharper insights into how to inculcate strategic planning and execution that ensures organizational success? A webinar that is being organized by TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for the human resources area, will offer these. Chris DeVany, the founder and president of Pinnacle Performance Improvement Worldwide, will be the speaker at this 90-minute session, which TrainHR is organizing on May 8. Please visit  to enroll for this meaningful and valuable session.


Chris has modeled this webinar on the fact that managers learn by doing and gain a wider perspective of management practice through breakout sessions, practice exercises, and case applications. He will use this approach to help participants of this webinar resolve their dilemmas and doubts about strategy and get direction on up-to-date analytical and organizational approaches to solutions.

In designing this course, the speaker has melded methods that are proven by practice with new insights and ideas from a wide range of current strategic thinking. As a result, participants will gain a clearer insight into critical questions such as when it is the right time to rethink strategy or to re-invent the organization. This session will offer a clear perspective on the role the organization has in the development and implementation of successful strategies.

Participants of this webinar will walk away with greater understanding of the ways of identifying the benefits of focusing on strategy, gain clarity on the different ways in which vision can be used in the organization, know how to how to integrate strategy, objectives, metrics, and performance, get more perspective of the new strategic patterns that are evolving in the business world, which will help them develop ideas to apply them into their respective organizations, and finally, explore when a firm strategy implementation plan is needed and when a relatively less proactive action is needed.

Chris has designed this course to be of immense value to professionals in positions that involve strategic thinking, and these include Executives, Managers at all Levels, Supervisors, CEO’s, VPs, and Directors. He will cover these areas at this session:

  • How to structure the development of a strategy for an organization
  • How to ask strategic questions
  • How to generate sufficient data and organize it into relevant information for use in developing a strategy
  • How your organization and the business environment in which it exists interact through strategy formation and implementation
  • How resources reinforce strategic direction and influence results
  • Positive means of engaging the organization in strategy formation and implementation.


About the speaker: Chris’ organization focuses on management and organization development. Chris has published numerous articles in the fields of surviving mergers and acquisitions, surviving change, project management, management, sales, team-building, leadership, ethics, customer service, diversity and work-life balance, in publications ranging from ASTD/Performance In Practice to Customer Service Management.

His book, “90 Days to a High-Performance Team”, published by McGraw Hill and often accompanied by in-person, facilitated instruction, has helped and continues to help thousands of executives, managers and team leaders improve performance.