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How to Handle Sensitive Dress Code Issues without Getting Sued



The workplace dress code is one of the many areas that elicit a rather mixed reaction from people. When it is one’s own home, one need not be too worried about what to wear. When one is attending receptions or other get togethers, the dress code matters, but not to the extent it does at the workplace.

The workplace is where we not only make our careers, but also interact with colleagues and others from other organizations and walks of life. What we wear reflects on our sartorial tastes; it also reflects the attitude we bring to work. The dress we wear shows the way we think about the workplace and our approach to work.

Many people think that the dress need not be synonymous with attitudes, because the work we do matters more than what we wear at work. While this is true, it is also true that our dress being in large part being representative of our attitude; it is necessary to be prudent and sensitive to others’ feelings while deciding what to wear. If the dress we wear to work were not something of importance; where was the need for organizations to bring in something called the dress code?


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