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Social Media at work: Quandary for organizations



Allowing use of social media at work is a major decision for many organizations, considering that its pros and cons weigh almost equally.

The social media being the double edged sword that it is; allowing its use at work is a “shall we, shall we not” sort of conundrum for most organizations. While on the one hand, their use can be a tremendous fillip in some ways to the organization; in other situations, they retard productivity.

Advantages of Allowing Social Media at Work

The use of social media at work brings great benefits for organizations in many ways:

  • Social media is more powerful than any other medium when it comes to branding the organization;
  • A good or bad word about the organization on the social media has serious consequences for the organization’s reputation;
  • The ease, power, depth and breadth of its reach are unparalleled;
  • It is an invaluable tool for some kinds of work, such as recruitment, which rely primarily on contacts.

Disadvantages of Allowing Social Media at Work

The disadvantages relate more to the inappropriate use of the social media than the media themselves:

  • By nature, social media, like games are addictive. They make many employees hook on to them and affect their productivity;
  • Allowing social media at work allows employees to create false identities and aliases and use them to tarnish the organization if they want to settle scores;
  • Social media platforms are often linked to external sites, whose injudicious use can harm the organization’s IT infrastructure, even when they have firewalled them.

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