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Employee Handbooks: 2019 Updates


The employee handbook illustrates the nature of employer-employee relationships in an organization. Despite its importance to the organization-it sets out all that the employees can and should expect from their employers and eases employees into their respective roles in the organization-it is still a highly undervalued document in most organizations.

Being the guarantor of the organization’s commitment to the employee; the employee handbook instils a sense of realism in employees about what to expect from their organization. For this reason, the employee handbook should be relevant, precise and rightly worded.

When there is a mismatch between what the organization states in the handbook and what the employees perceive of it, it leads to confusion and worse, legal confrontations between the two sides. An ambiguously worded handbook gives the employee the chance to challenge it legally during times of an unlawful termination.

The importance of having a correctly designed and presented employee handbook is best illustrated in a recent memorandum from the General Counsel of the NLRB, which says such employee handbooks can violate the law and can have a “chilling effect” on employees’ activities.

All the vital aspects of an employee handbook, such as its components, its constituents, the elements that need to be kept in mind while drafting it, the legal safeguards that they need to guarantee, and many more issues concerning employee handbooks will be explained in a lucid manner at a webinar that is being organized by TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for all the areas of human resources, on September 6.

Ronald Adler, the president-CEO of Laurdan Associates, Inc., will be the expert at this session. Please do enroll for this learning by visiting  https://www.trainhr.com/webinar/employee-handbooks:-2019-updates-702548LIVE?wordpress-seo


These are some of the functions of employee handbooks:

  • They enhance the employment brand
  • They are vital in recruitment and retention
  • Employee handbooks enhance employee relations, employee morale, and productivity
  • With employee handbooks, there is uniform and consistent application, interpretation, and enforcement of organizational policies and rules
  • They help to protect the organization against claims of improper employee/supervisor conduct
  • Employee handbooks bring down the organization’s exposure to employment related liabilities

In the course of explaining these and other aspects of employee handbooks, including what is new for 2019, Ronald will cover these areas at this webinar:

  • Key employee handbook issues in 2019
  • A review of the NLRB’s recent memorandum on employee handbooks
  • How organizations can reduce the gap between policy issuance and effective implementation
  • Review the basics of employee handbook development
  • Discuss the expanding purposes and scope of employee handbooks
  • Learn the dimensions of critical handbook policies
  • Understand the framework of employee handbook audits activities

Personnel that deal with employee-employer relationships will gain immensely from this webinar. These include HR Professionals, Risk Managers, Internal Auditors, In-house Counsel, CFO’s, CEO’s, Management Consultants, and other individuals who want to learn how to use develop and implement employee handbooks.


About the Expert:

Ronald Adler is the president-CEO of Laurdan Associates, Inc., a veteran owned, human resource management consulting firm specializing in HR audits, employment practices liability risk management, HR metrics and benchmarking, strategic HR-business issues and unemployment insurance. He is a co-developer of the Employment-Labor Law Audit (the nation’s leading HR auditing and employment practices liability risk assessment tool.

A certified instructor on employment practices for the CPCU Society, Ronald has conducted continuing education courses for the AICPA, the Institute of Internal Auditors, the Institute of Management Consultants, and the Society for Human Resource Management.



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Transition from Peer to Supervisor


A promotion may be the reward for an employee’s dedication, hard work, passion and discipline or much else. However, while it instils a feeling of great positivity in the employee who gets promoted, the same cannot be said about the colleagues she supersedes in getting promoted! The envy, the unease and the cantankerous feeling that a promotion could arouse in the rest of the team is not the best of feelings to encounter.

Yet, if the promoted colleague has to work with those same colleagues, it calls for adapting an altogether different outlook. The promoted employee has to motivate these jealous teammates and take them along, a challenge by any stretch of imagination.

How does the newly promoted employee do this? How does she ensure that every one of the uncomfortable team members is in the boat with her? This is the crucial learning a sixty-minute webinar from TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for all the areas of human resources, is going to teach.

Tonia Morris, Founder of Simply HR, LLC a consultant and management firm, will be the expert at this webinar, which is scheduled for August 6. Kindly visit https://www.trainhr.com/webinar/transition-from-peer-to-supervisor-702535LIVE to enroll for this valuable session.

This webinar has been approved for 1 HR (General) recertification credit hours toward aPHR, PHR, PHRca, SPHR, GPHR, PHRi and SPHRi recertification through HR Certification Institute (HRCI).

Viewing this webinar, its entirety qualifies for a recertification credit hour that may be counted toward SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP recertification from SHRM. Credit is awarded based on the actual educational time spent in the program.


The critical role communication plays in preventing and resolving many of the issues arising in managing a team which the supervisor was a part of, will be explained at this webinar. The ways in which boundaries need to be set, the ways by which to make communication effective, the manner in which to build trust and respect, and choosing the right manner in which positive feedback can be offered to peers and colleagues, are some of the topics that the expert will take up at this session. Tonia will help the newly promoted supervisors understand the ways by which to overcome their most pressing issues.

She will cover the following areas at this webinar:

  • How to Communicate more Effectively as a Supervisor
  • When to be Flexible and when to Stand Firm
  • Steps to Build Trust and Gain Respect
  • How to Develop your Own Personal Management Style
  • How to Set Boundaries with Coworkers/Peers
  • How to Deal with Uncomfortable Situations
  • How to Motivate Others to Achieve Results.

This webinar is aimed at benefiting Managers, Supervisors, Leaders, Human Resource Professional and Shift Leaders or Team.


About the speaker:

Tonia Morris, who calls herself “your Generational Connector”, owns her speaking and training company. An accomplished speaker, Tonia offers leaders training solutions that cultivate a generationally-inclusive work place.

She has partnered with organizations such as Chick-fil-A, Oracle, Spelman and Kennesaw University to name a few, to bring training solutions for engaging Millennials in the workplace, working with leaders to transform their cultures by attracting, developing and retaining a workforce that is generationally inclusive.

With more than 20+ years of progressive HR experience, Tonia provides keynote speeches, lunch-and-learns, and workshops for organizations and associations across the Southeast.


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HR Compliance 101 – for Non HR Managers



Why is HR compliance an absolute must for organizations? One can think of at least three core perspectives when answering this question:

Business: Seen from a business perspective, managers that are trained in the basics of HR compliance carry a proper understanding of the areas related to HR and business, such as employment law, the ways of writing documentation and of how to use the tools of employee development. When one considers the astronomical amounts that noncompliance with HR laws attracts, training non-HR managers can be the least expensive exercise for an employer to offset any unwarranted employment claims.

Managerial: Being compliant with HR practices and law is extremely important from a manager’s perspective. Why? Because being compliant with HR practices is necessary to ensure that the organization increases productivity, stays legally compliant, ensures employee development and engagement, and also safeguards the manager’s own career.

Human Resources: HR training for managers is also important from an HR perspective itself. It is only through proper and professional HR compliance training that can help managers understand how to protect the organization against many unwarranted employment claims, the cause of most of which is miscommunication, misinformation, and mismanagement.

Complete understanding of the elements of HR compliance

TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for all the areas of human resources, will offer complete understanding of the elements of HR compliance, especially for non-HR managers, at a webinar it is organizing on Aug. 2.

TrainHR brings Teri Morning, founder and President of Hindsight Human Resources, as the speaker at this sixty-minute session. Please visit https://www.trainhr.com/webinar/hr-compliance-101—for-non-hr-managers–702483LIVE to register for this webinar. This course has been approved for 1 HR (General) recertification credit hours toward aPHR, PHR, PHRca, SPHR, GPHR, PHRi and SPHRi recertification through HR Certification Institute (HRCI).

Viewing this webinar, its entirety qualifies for a recertification credit hour that may be counted toward SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP recertification from SHRM. Credit is awarded based on the actual educational time spent in the program.

The cost of lack of training can be very high for organizations

What happens when an organization fails to train managers about HR compliance? It can be disastrous for the experienced and new manager alike, especially when they have assumed charge of a dysfunctional department and/or are promoted to supervise those with whom they once co-worked. Sometimes, a simple exercise such as not following the right procedures while sanctioning leave can invite legal action against the employer. This is just one instance in which HR compliance training is vital. The organization can face innumerable such occasions that could potentially land them in a legal spot of bother

At this session, the expert will cover the following areas:

  • Basics of the Big Four of employment compliance- Title VII, FLSA, FMLA, ADA
  • Managing from Day One – Using the 4 tools of a manager; coaching, performance reviews, performance improvement plans and discipline
  • The 12 elements of documentation
  • What to do if someone is struggling doing their job for whatever the reason – having a process
  • Inheriting a dysfunctional department – avoiding the pitfalls
  • Preventing harassment, bullying and general dysfunction
  • What to do with employee complaints.

Front line managers, department Managers, new HR persons, anyone promoted into a management position or managers who were promoted from within their companies, are some of the personnel who will derive immense value from this webinar.


About the speaker: During the over twenty years she has spent in human resource and training, Teri has gained experience in a variety of fields, including retail, distribution, architectural, engineering, consulting, manufacturing (union), public sector and both profit and non-profit companies. She loves to consult with employers on their problems and trained managers and employees, and meeting and working with employees from all types of businesses.

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New EEOC Report: Workplace Harassment Prevention Not Working-Harassment Continues to be a Problem


If you are a human resources manager whose workload is preventing you from examining workplace harassment laws closely and staying abreast of the latest developments and updates to the existing laws, it is time for a serious rethink. Why? Simply because the 2016 findings of the US Equal Employment Opportunities Commission are far from flattering insofar as the role of HR managers in preventing workplace harassment is concerned.

Being unable to stay current with the latest regulations is no excuse for HR managers to avoid implementing the harassment-related laws and standards that are expected of them by the regulatory agencies. No matter what reasons may be preventing HR managers from understanding these laws and implementing them; the consequences of this negligence are too stark to ignore: non-implementation of the harassment prevention laws, and a range of undesirables such as abuse, absenteeism, turnover, loss of productivity, and resignations. This is in addition to the emotional turmoil such employees have to undergo, which will impact their productivity and prospects adversely.

A webinar from TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for all the areas of human resources, will impart the crucial learning pertaining to how HR in organizations have to be aware of the laws and regulations concerning workplace harassment. This is the only means by which HR can avoid heavy lawsuits being slapped on the organization by employees who are victims of workplace harassment.

At this webinar, the expert, Susan Strauss, a national and international speaker, trainer, consultant and a recognized expert on workplace and school harassment and bullying, will set the tone for a clear understanding of these laws, the obvious result of which is the avoidance of landing the organization in nasty legal situations. Please visit https://www.trainhr.com/webinar/new-eeoc-report:-workplace-harassment-prevention-not-working-harassment-continues-to-be-a-problem–702339LIVE to register for this ninety-minute webinar, which is being organized on July 19.

This webinar has been approved for 1.5 HR (General) recertification credit hours toward aPHR, PHR, PHRca, SPHR, GPHR, PHRi and SPHRi recertification through HR Certification Institute (HRCI).

Viewing this webinar, its entirety qualifies for a recertification credit hour that may be counted toward SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP recertification from SHRM. Credit is awarded based on the actual educational time spent in the program.


The main objective of this webinar is to help participants get clarity on the rumors and misinformation that ensue whenever well-publicized cases of harassment surface. For instance, a notorious piece of news that an employer had been fined an additional million dollars only because it did not carry out harassment training did the rounds recently. Dr. Strauss will help the participants examine such news with a pinch of salt.

She will also offer understanding on the grey areas pertaining to whether an HR manager can be personally sued in a case of discrimination. In the course of this webinar, she will fulfil these objectives:

  • Review protected class discrimination and harassment
  • Identify the EEOC’s 2016 findings
  • Update information on new discrimination & harassment court decisions related to GINA, ADAAA, Pregnancy, and Title VII
  • Discuss the Affirmative Defense (AD) & your responsibility to reduce liability via AD
  • Differentiate between bullying and protected class harassment
  • Explore HR & management’s legal and ethical responsibilities in prevention and intervention of bullying and harassment
  • Describe the legal requirement of conducting an Accommodation Meeting
  • List the employment laws required for an organization’s wellness program

At this webinar, which is aimed at benefiting HR Specialists, HR Managers, Directors, Managers and supervisors of any department, Dr. Strauss will cover the following areas:

  • Review of the legal elements of discrimination and harassment law
  • List of protected classes (for example, in MN there are 15 including state and federal laws)
  • Specific requirements for compliance with GINA, ADAAA, and the PDA with discussion of recent legal cases for each
  • In depth discussion of the need for “accommodations” for ADA, religion, and pregnancy
  • Steps of an Accommodation Meeting and follow-up
  • Discussion of the nexus of bullying and harassment
  • What these changes in case law mean for employers
  • Training and policy requirements


About the expert: Dr. Strauss has conducted research, written over 30 books, book chapters, and journal articles on harassment, bullying, and related topics. She has been featured on television and radio programs as well as interviewed for newspaper and journal articles.

Dr. Strauss has a doctorate in organizational leadership. She is a registered nurse, has a bachelor’s degree in human services and counseling, a master’s degree in community health, and professional certificate in training and development.


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Smart Recruitment: How to Attract, Interview and Hire the Best Candidates


Isn’t recruitment all about hiring people? It is. Yet, anyone who thinks it is about just this much is missing the soul of the process: recruitment is about hiring the RIGHT people. So, what goes into picking the right candidates? How do organizations pick up people that fit the bill perfectly and go on to become star performers instead of becoming lackadaisical performers who underperform and affect the bottom-line?

Is it about just visiting jobsites, shortlisting profiles, phoning them to come over for an interview and rolling out the offer letter? These are steps in the recruitment process alright, but only mere tasks. The essence of the right recruitment process is in how to do all these, plus much more, rightly.

Smart recruitment is adapting a series of specific interviewing principles adapting the right technique, which will go a long way in absorbing the best talent that is available in the job market into the organization. This is the foundation to hiring the best fit for the organization, the direct result of which is a high-performing asset for the organization.

A webinar from TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for the human resources areas, will offer highly valuable understanding of how to adapt smart recruitment into the organization, which will result in the positives it brings. Marcia Zidle, the CEO of Leaders At All Levels, will be the expert at this webinar.

Please visit https://www.trainhr.com/webinar/smart-recruitment:-how-to-attract,-interview-and-hire-the-best-candidates–702504LIVE to enroll for this July 30 webinar, which is going to add tremendous value to personnel who are involved in and have major stakes in recruiting candidates, such as CEO’s, COO’s, VP of Human Resources, Human Resource Professionals, Chief Learning Officer, Directors, Project Managers, Operation Managers and Supervisors, Team Leaders, and Staff Managers and Supervisors.


The core purpose an interview process should serve is in helping to determine if the right match exists between the individual and the position she is going to fill. Marcia will show how to put a process in place, which will allow the organization to gauge the applicant’s behavior, values, motivations, and qualifications. In essence, the objective of smart interviewing is hiring the right people, at the right time, with the right skills, for the right position.

She will show what steps to adapt towards accomplishing this critical purpose of smart interviewing. These include:

  • Fine-tuning the shopping list
  • Focusing on behavioral interviewing
  • Developing questions to asses KSA’s
  • Using a rating scale & guide
  • Making a good hiring decision.

At this hour-long session, Marcia will cover the following areas:

  • Identify your interviewing style: The pro’s and con’s and how to be more effective
  • Create behavioral interview questions that go beyond the resume to assess a candidate’s capabilities
  • Develop a position profile – A multi-functional job description tool for recruitment, performance reviews and succession planning
  • Produce an interviewing guide with key questions and tips to ensure hiring the right person for the position
  • Ask the right questions to get applicants to speak openly while avoiding inappropriate and illegal questions
  • Make the interview count by avoiding the 7 top mistakes that hiring managers and recruiters make – even experienced ones
  • Develop selection criteria and rating system to ensure that your organization will not hire round pegs to fit into square holes


About the speaker: A board certified executive coach, Marcia works with executives, management teams and high potential professionals. Marcia is the author of “The Effective Manager: What Really Works” handbooks and “Career Savvy: Life Preservers for Today’s Rough Seas and Tomorrow’s Raging Waters”.

She is the host of The Business Edge, a weekly internet radio show on the business channel of Voice America Media, giving practical advice to executives and managers on how to take their company, firm or practice to that next level with less stress and more success.


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The Foundations of Excellent Customer Service – A 2019 Perspective


What is more important for a business than customer service? Nothing builds a better relationship between a business and its sustainers-the customers-than excellent customer service. Indeed, customer service is at the heart of a healthy business.

Undoubtedly, the starting point to professional customer service is a keen understanding of what the customer wants. They want to be given professional, polite and prompt service, and most important of all, be cared for. These are some of the fundamental aspects of customer behavior. When these are built into a business, the brand has earned a high level of loyalty among its customers. This is the surest means to making a business and a brand successful.

These and other interesting aspects of customer service will be the topic of a highly perceptive learning session that is being organized by TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for all the areas of human resources, on July 12. At this session, Tony White, a well-known communication expert, will be the expert.

Please enroll for this webinar by visiting https://www.trainhr.com/webinar/the-foundations-of-excellent-customer-service—a-2019-perspective-702467LIVE.



Tony will help the participants of this webinar build the foundations of exceptional customer service skills for anyone that deals directly with customers. This learning is of high value for those who face customers either in person or over the phone consistently. He will show how to maintain a high degree of customer satisfaction and keep conflict at a minimum.

The core of this webinar is helping participants understand what the customer wants. This is the root of excellent customer service. The expert at this webinar will show how to gauge customers’ real interests in a brand or a product and explain how to show that they are really cared for.

Aimed at anyone who deals with front line customers either face to face or over the phone in the course of their work, this webinar will offer the following takeaways:

  • Meeting customer needs and deescalating conflict
  • Understanding the customers’ true needs of what they want to interact with the service provider
  • Building a sense of empathy, acknowledgement and playback skills in the individual or the team that handles customer support and service.

Tony will cover the following areas at this webinar:

  • Advanced poll questions of your experience with what customers want
  • Identifying best practices-what today’s customers really want and expect in 2019 (based on experience and latest research)
  • The Interest based approach to communication & service – results, process and emotional interests that ALL customers need
  • The core critical skills of empathy, acknowledgement and play back to meet needs while minimizing conflict potential
  • How to reframe the service “forbidden” phrases into more customer-centric responses


About the expert:

Tony White has conducted training workshops, delivered keynote addresses and facilitated high-level executive initiatives for a broad cross section of business, education, and government organizations for over twenty-five years.

During this long tenure, he has held very notable positions ranging from part-owner and director of a private label food manufacturing company, a partner in an international training company, a change management specialist in a global enterprise, a community college outreach partner, and an in-house instructional designer with a high-profile government office.

Tony is also author of “Make It Happen – A Practical Handbook for Team Leaders, Project Managers and Facilitators to Build, Facilitate and Repair High Performance Teams”.


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Performance Reviews that Build Loyalty


One of the most vital aspects of an employer-employee relationship is the performance review. This exercise is meant to help the organization assess the employee’s performance during a period of time in the light of the organization’s expectations and the employee’s fulfillment of the same.

However, most performance reviews end up being less than successful and result in a situation where neither party is satisfied, because, even though done sincerely, most performance reviews are carried out with the wrong focus. Rather than being open and honest conversations, most performance reviews end up telling the employee where all she needs to improve and pointing fingers at why she did not deliver up to expectations.

What then, are the components that ensure that the performance review is a robust one in which there is proper alignment of both the organization’s expectations and the employee performance?

These issues will be taken up for sharp analysis at a webinar that TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for the human resources areas, will be organizing on July 31. Karla Brandau, the CEO of Workplace Power Institute, will be the expert at this session. Please enroll for this valuable learning session by visiting https://www.trainhr.com/webinar/performance-reviews-that-build-loyalty–702462LIVE.


The essence of the learning this webinar is going to impart is an understanding of how to use performance reviews as the basis for ensuring professional growth in the employee by bringing the employee’s performance and the organization’s goal together, which will benefit both parties.

Both sides should set realistic and achievable goals. The organization should ensure that the hindrances that the employee faces in achieving these goals are removed, and should create a conducive environment for the employee to accomplish these goals. Feedback and questions, both positive and negative, should become an integral part of this exercise, and should be encouraged.

The objective of a positive performance review is that it should create goodwill and a sense of bonhomie between the two. It should evolve into a system that, when put in place, becomes the basis for such an exercise throughout the year. At this webinar, the speaker will show how participants can:

  • Assess their skill at clearly stating expectations
  • Set consequences for non-performance
  • Handle inadvertent human errors
  • Use a conversational interview format
  • Speak from observable facts
  • Give feedback that builds the relationship
  • Work with criticism
  • Develop KRA’s – Key Result Areas

She will offer tips on how to logically document performance, set up an appropriate environment for conversations, and invite the employee and set up the performance review meeting. She will cover the following areas at this webinar, which will help the stakeholders in a performance review, such as Senior Managers in all departments, mid-Managers at all levels in the organization, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Project Managers, or just anyone tasked to give performance reviews immensely:

  • Planning ahead for Performance Reviews
  • Personal preparation for the one-on-one Performance review Conversation
  • Preparing the employee for the Performance Review
  • Determining KRAs for the coming year
  • Creating rapport with the Employee

A bonus for those attending this webinar is the teaching the speaker will give of how to use expanded Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Task Folder features to keep on top of performance review content and meeting times with employees.


About the speaker: Karla is a thought leader in management and team building techniques. A specialist in personalities, communication skills, and leadership principles, she has authored the book, How to Earn the Gift of Discretionary Effort, which aims to teach managers how to be the leader people CHOOSE to follow, not have to follow because of their position on the organizational chart.