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What is the Role of HR Technology in Recruitment?


As it is with most other areas, technology is of immense importance to human resources, as well. The recruiting process has traveled a very long distance from the days of snail mails and phones, which were the only technologies available for HR. Today, the technology-powered social media have brought in changes on a scale that could not have been imagined earlier.

We all know the importance of recruitment to HR and to the organization as a whole. Finding the right candidate is one of the real tasks for HR because recruitment is the lifeblood and the oxygen for the organization. Finding the right fit is a real challenge. There is perhaps no better contribution that HR can make to the organization than getting its recruitment right.

Let us take a look at some of the areas of HR in which technologies have been making strides:

Job posting


The Internet has hastened the speed of candidate selection by making a large database of candidates available at one’s fingertips at the click of the mouse. Job boards such as Monster, CareerBuilder, Craigslist or HotJobs can do candidate filtering several dozen times more quickly than the traditional, manual methods that used to be employed before the advent of the Net.



Interview tracking, or updates about the stage of the selection, is also now extremely quicker with HR technologies. Many tools make it possible to know the interview status of any candidate with tables or spreadsheets. Technologies make the complete set of details relating to the interview, such as when the initial call was made, to the present status, available in no time. This helps to track and streamline the interview process with utmost ease and without any confusion.



Profiling is another core area that HR technologies facilitate. Every parameter relating to the candidate, such as the qualification, experience, expertise, skillsets, salary drawn, and the expected salary and such other details can be easily had through HR technologies. Tracking candidates and obtaining any important and relevant information from them is as easy as it gets with HR technologies.


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A relatively new tool, video resume, is gaining popularity. Using this, the candidate to upload a short video into the resume, in which she can give a 30 to 60-second summary of her profile and why she is going to be a good fit for the organization. It helps to create a first impression with regards to parameters such as the person’s body language, the confidence of presentation and such other factors. Tools such as videos help immensely in areas in which the verbal skill is critical, such as sales or teaching.

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