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Being a Successful HR Department of One



Getting your day-to-day HR workdone has never been so difficult.

The circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 and most recently the widespread civil unrest are continuing to develop quickly, and with the rapid-fire nature of modern media and social media channels, details vary from broadcast to broadcast, leaving many in the workforce in confusion and fear.

Most employees are confused about the next steps they should take, either paralyzed by fear, worried about their future or in the shock and denial phase of the crisis. Although many HR pros have spent a career training for such a critical mass event, it has been an exhausting 3 months and the vision forward is clouded by a sea of unfinished work.

Our National condition is constantly changing which has employers feeling the pressure and unfortunately due to the overload of news and information (often contradicting itself) leaders are running the risk of being too ambitious in their communication and actions with employees.

Ambiguity leads to confusion and creates more uncertainty and fear. This is something we all need to avoid. Thankfully, there are steps HR pros can take to help their employers support their workforce, encourage certain behaviors and manage the business environment effectively, so employees can continue to remain engaged and reduce the risk of panic and concern – on top of all the regular HR work that needs to be done.

These steps of workforce management are often seen as commonsense, however, in a crisis or unfamiliar situation it is more difficult to remain calm and think or behave in a considered way, it is vital for HR professionals to help establish reasonable practices that are followed.

It’s fun and rewarding to make an impact, put plans in place and implement them so they thoroughly understood, investigated, checked and measured in order to avoid longer term damage to the business and relationships companies have with their employees.

Every day the boundaries and goal-posts are moving, so it is vitally important to meet the needs of your competing demands so leaders in industry and business are kept as up to date as possible to avoid generating fear, adding to the confusion or creating workplace dysfunction. We need to know what we can do in order to adapt, innovate and implement new ways of operating as our national environment changes.

This is why knowledge, clear communication, accurate information, considered action are required.

Being an effective HR department of one is about identifying today’s priorities and getting them done within a continuously shifting timeframe.

The trouble right now is that there is an overwhelming amount of information, and conflicting directives from multiple sources as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and recent surge of civil unrest.