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Discipline and Termination Have to be Dealt with Very Prudently



Organizations, especially their HR, have to take utmost care in dealing with discipline and termination. Not doing so could cost them dear.

Disciplining and terminating employees is a crucial function of an organization. If done right, it rids the organization of unwanted flab. If done wrongly, it can invite lawsuits, lead to bad blood and loss of reputation.

Distinction Between Discipline and Termination

Disciplining is a means of ensuring that an errant employee comes back on track. This deviation from the organization’s goals may sometimes be the result of:

  • Temporary bad spell at work
  • Diversion into other interests in the profession or life or
  • A protest against mistreatment at office, either real or perceived.

On the other hand, termination follows when such an employee is given sufficient opportunities for improving, but doesn’t, or worse, if the organization no longer needs such an employee.

Termination Sometimes leaves a foul Taste in the Mouth

In the second of these instances, there is a deeply emotional current that runs in when a competent manager terminates an employee. Even if it is quite justified, resorting to this step fills both the person against whom this action is taken, as well as the person taking it, with some bad feeling. These are why:

  • Termination is a final step that marks the end of a relationship
  • The employee may have been very good in the past
  • The organization may have outgrown the need for this employee
  • The employee’s personal and professional integrity may have been high
  • He may have had an excellent relationship with his colleagues

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