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Embracing change


Can you name one quality that is as vital to organizations as life skills are to humans? That quality has to be change management. The reason for this being so is quite simple: nothing tests an organization’s mettle more than its ability to handle change, perhaps the single most important and inevitable development in its lifecycle.

How do organizations handle change? What does it take to embrace change, a continuous, fluid and ongoing reality within organizations? TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for the human resources areas, will explain this vital aspect of an organization at a webinar that it is organizing on October 1.

The expert at this webinar is Tony White, people skill specialist, trainer, negotiator, facilitator and author. To grasp complete knowledge of how to embrace change within organizations, please visit TrainHR to register for this webinar.


Organizations that overlook the criticality of change management are bound to perish, while those who see it as an opportunity flourish. This is a fact that has made change management an imperative for organizations. The aim of this webinar is to impart the learning that will help the participants take control of change before they are forced to, and turn change into an opportunity for career growth.

The expert at this webinar will explain how participants can successfully position their organizations for change with the necessary tools, strategies and techniques. He will offer practical tips and suggestions with which they can successfully and painlessly implement change management into their organizations.

Organizations that are struggling to cope with change management, want to understand how to take better control of themselves, and want to turn change management into a means for growth will be benefit immensely from this training. This session is aimed at benefiting any individual contributor or manager role.

Tony will cover the following areas at this webinar:

  • Definition of Change
  • Why all this Change now?
  • Types & Nature of Change
  • Exploring the Transition and Future State Models of Change to help understand change dynamics
  • Taking personal control of change- having the right mindset
  • The importance of asking questions
  • Other practical tips and techniques


About the expert:

Tony White has conducted training workshops, delivered keynote addresses and facilitated high-level executive initiatives for a broad cross section of business, education, and government organizations for over twenty-five years.

During this long tenure, he has held very notable positions ranging from part-owner and director of a private label food manufacturing company, a partner in an international training company, a change management specialist in a global enterprise, a community college outreach partner, and an in-house instructional designer with a high-profile government office.

Tony is also author of “Make It Happen – A Practical Handbook for Team Leaders, Project Managers and Facilitators to Build, Facilitate and Repair High Performance Teams”.