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Attracting, Growing and Retaining Millennials


The generational spread that characterizes the American workforce today is unprecedented: it consists of no fewer than five generations. Quite naturally, the latest entrant into this workforce, the Millennials, will be the dominant group as the others start to phase out. They are set to constitute almost three fourths of the total workforce by 2025, an estimate made out by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Hiring, retaining and getting the best out of the Millennials is a challenge that organizations face now. New generations have been entering the workforce from the beginning, but the Millennials are the first generation that was born contemporaneously with the onset of new technologies such as the internet and the many spinoffs it has brought in its wake, such as the social media, online learning and many more.

The Millennials are characterized by impulsiveness and a lack of attention, and a flair for the visual medium. These, plus other factors that mark them out, need to be factored in when inducting them into the workforce. This makes learning of the ways to handle them an imperative for organizations. If they have to derive the best that the Millennials offer, organizations’ HR has to learn how to optimize the organization’s resources by leveraging the unique strengths that the Millennials bring into the workforce.

The ways by which they can do this will be the learning a webinar that is being organized by TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for the human resources areas, on May 15. The speaker of this sixty-minute session is Lynn Ware, CEO and President, Integral Talent Systems, Inc.

Kindly visit  to enroll for this webinar. This webinar has been approved for 1 HR (General) recertification credit hours toward aPHR, PHR, PHRca, SPHR, GPHR, PHRi and SPHRi recertification through HR Certification Institute (HRCI).


The core of the learning taught at this webinar is the ways by which organizations can brand themselves as being Millennial-friendly. Dr. Ware will show the preferred ways in which Millennials like to learn and develop themselves (Millennial learning preferences). She will help participants discover the components of an integrated career development strategy for Millennials at their organization. She will help them identify leadership practices that are effective in engaging and retaining millennial talent.

Since this generation is closely associated with technology, an organization that wants to hire millennials needs to pitch itself as one that appeals to this generation by showcasing the technological innovations it adapts. Dr. Ware will explain the findings of research that has tried to understand what Millennials look for in their employee work experience. This is going to be a highly practical and interactive session in which participants will learn how to manage their recruiting process to attract millennial applicants over the competition, how to develop them and to retain them longer than average.

Dr. Ware will cover the following areas at this session:

  • Share research findings on what attracts and retains Millennial compared to other generations
  • Explore employment policies such as flexible work schedules
  • Build a Millennial sticky employment brand for your organization
  • Consider how to modify your organization’s existing development methods for early career workers
  • Create more effective management practices relevant to Millennials
  • Create an action plan for creating a more Millennial centric work environment.

Recruiters, Learning Professionals, Talent Managers, Leadership Development Experts, Internal Communications Experts, and Line Business Managers-personnel who are closely associated with the recruitment and onboarding of employees, and who will be required to deal with Millennials, will benefit immensely from this webinar.


About the speaker: Dr. Lynn Ware is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist and thought leader who has practiced for over thirty years in the talent management field. She has designed, developed and implemented career development systems in partnership with several Best Place to Work organizations such as Google and Scripps Medical Center.

She is frequently quoted on trends in talent management in numerous publications such as the Associated Press, San Francisco Chronicle, Harvard Business Review, and Computer World magazine, and has been featured several times on CNN as a global talent management expert.

Career Development, Human Resources Training

Transition from Peer to Supervisor


Gaining promotion and ascending the ranks in the organization is a great feeling. It doesn’t happen to everyone easily. Many have to toil for it and earn it. While this is a well-deserved promotion, it brings with it a dilemma for the newly-promoted employee: how to deal with peers, the very colleagues who she would have superseded to phase into the new position.

This can be tricky at times because of various reasons. When an employee gets promoted, it is not always going to be a pleasant feeling for many or all of her colleagues. Competition, lack of cooperation, jealousy, backbiting and all such negative traits can come to the fore when the colleagues are not comfortable with the rise of one of their own, to whom they would have to report in the future.

The challenge is to maintain cordiality and avoid and prevent bad blood among the team members. The newly promoted employee needs to motivate the team and manage it effectively if it has to be a high performance team. How does she ensure that the team members are going to perform well when they are waiting for an opportunity to bring the new supervisor down?

The ways of doing this is the learning a webinar from TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for all the areas of human resources, will impart. At this session, Tonia Morris, Founder of Simply HR, LLC a consultant and management firm, will be the speaker. Please register for this webinar by visiting .

At this 60-minute session, Tonia will emphasize the importance of communication in preventing and resolving many of the issues concerning how to manage a team of which the new supervisor was a part till the promotion. She will show how to set boundaries, how to communicate effectively, how to build trust and respect, and how to provide positive feedback to peers and colleagues. She will show how to overcome the most pressing challenges newly promoted supervisors face.

This webinar, from which personnel in positions such as Managers, Supervisors, Leaders, Human Resource Professional and Shift Leaders or Team will benefit immensely, will cover the following areas:

  • How to Communicate more Effectively as a Supervisor
  • When to be Flexible and when to Stand Firm
  • Steps to Build Trust and Gain Respect
  • How to Develop your Own Personal Management Style
  • How to Set Boundaries with Coworkers/Peers
  • How to Deal with Uncomfortable Situations
  • How to Motivate Others to Achieve Results.


About the speaker:

Tonia Morris, who calls herself “your Generational Connector”, owns her speaking and training company. An accomplished speaker, Tonia offers leaders training solutions that cultivate a generationally-inclusive work place.

She has partnered with organizations such as Chick-fil-A, Oracle, Spelman and Kennesaw University to name a few, to bring training solutions for engaging Millennials in the workplace, working with leaders to transform their cultures by attracting, developing and retaining a workforce that is generationally inclusive.

With more than 20+ years of progressive HR experience, Tonia provides keynote speeches, lunch-and-learns, and workshops for organizations and associations across the Southeast.

Career Development, Human Resources Training

The Millennial Workforce: How Smart Companies Engage and Tap Their Entrepreneurial Energy

Group of young business people and designers.

In this present scenario at the American workforce, where, as the Deloitte Millennial Survey, released in January 2014 shows, Millennials will make up nearly half the workforce by next year; there is a pressing need for employers to devise the right strategies to hire, retain and optimize this major chunk.

A few facts about the Millennials are well known. For instance, being the first generation to be almost contemporaneously born with the new technologies that are influencing our world; they are prone to very short attention spans and are more likely to rely on the visual medium to grasps concepts better. These apart, what is also striking about them is the fact that they hate working in a bureaucratic environment and love to be independent at work.

Being highfliers, they don’t like to be confined to the workplace for long. They love to be enterprising and will move to more rewarding opportunities much faster than the previous generations did. The criteria they usually consider for higher rewards include autonomy, freedom to be creative, and the opportunity for making an impact.

This makes it imperative for managers of the present-day organizations to create the right environment for this segment of the workforce if they have to leverage their skills and knowledge. The aim of doing this is obvious: to be in a position to better marshal their talent to make them more productive for the organization.

Thorough learning of how to handle the Millennials at the workplace

It is this knowledge that will be the core of a learning session that TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for the human resources areas, is offering at a webinar. At this webinar, Marcia Zidle, CEO of Leaders At All Levels, will be the speaker. Please visit to register for this highly valuable session.

Marcia will show how organizations can create the entrepreneurial spirit in both large and small companies and help managers bring about employee engagement, innovation and retention from the millennial workforce. She will cover the following areas:

  • Define engagement and identify the three types of employees
  • Recognize the myths and the realities of the millennial workforce
  • Discover why millennials are great candidates for intrapreneurship
  • Review examples of intrapreneurship in large, medium and small size companies
  • Recognize the type of culture that encourages innovation and intrapreneurship
  • Discover why the manager is the key for employee engagement, innovation and retention
  • Review five management techniques that will lead to better communication and results with Millennials.


About the speaker:

With over 25 years of management, business consulting and international experience in the areas of business transformation, talent management and leadership development, she provides strategic focus, alignment and guidance to business leaders and their teams to ensure they get on the right track, stay on the right track and not get side-tracked in their drive for higher performance and profitability.

Marcia’s expertise includes coaching high performers for senior and mid-management positions, developing effective executive teams, positioning organizations for significant growth and facilitating business and team performance. Her specialties include strategy and culture, change management, employee engagement, team building, career management, leadership assessment and development.