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Onboarding is NOT Orientation – How to Improve the New Employee Experience


No exercise is perhaps as vital in instilling a sense of loyalty and association in an employee about the organization she has just joined, as onboarding. Onboarding goes beyond just orientation, which is a onetime exercise. Onboarding is a continuous process that lasts weeks, months, and sometimes, even years, and has the purpose of acclimatizing the employee with the organization.

An onboarding process that goes awry can spell disaster for the organization, because when the employee’s attitude is not made to align with the organization during this initial period, the employee is not likely to develop a sense of fealty for the organization, and in fact, is likely to develop a negative attitude towards it.

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The result of bad onboarding are there to see: no fewer than half the hourly wage employees quit within four months of joining, and half of the regular wage employee leave the organization in less than 18 months.

The antidote to this ailment is for organizations to have a properly designed and executed onboarding plan in place. So, how do organizations do this? A webinar from TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for the human resources areas, which is being organized on March 27, will show how. Co-founder of Omega HR Solutions, Inc., Michael Haberman, will be the expert at this session.

To gain vital insights into how to put a meaningful and effective onboarding program that help retain new hires, please visit TrainHR


The aim of this webinar is to show how organizations can be successful in nurturing loyal and committed employees, through a properly worked out onboarding process. Onboarding, of which orientation is only a part, is the surest means to getting them there. At this webinar, Michael will explain the ways by which to orient the employee into the organization’s thinking and culture during the onboarding stage.

These areas will be covered at this webinar:

  • The Cost of Turnover
  • The Steps Involved in Onboarding
  • Before the Hire
  • During the Hire
  • The First Day
  • The First Week
  • The Ongoing Process
  • What Potential Activities are Included?

HR Managers, Office Managers, Supervisors, Managers and Company Owners are some of the personnel that will benefit from this session.


About the expert: A consultant, speaker, writer and teacher; Michael brings several years of experience in dealing with the challenges of human resources in the 21st century. His consulting and services company offers complete human resources solutions.

Mike is the author of the Human Resources blog found at OmegaHRsolutions.com, which has been recognized as a top human resources related blogs. He has also been named a top Digital Influencer in Human Resources. In addition, Mike has presented numerous webinars on various HR related issues including wage and hour compliance, rewards, culture, social media use in HR, practical futurism for HR departments and more.


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