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Be the Leader Others Want to Work With!

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That leadership is at the core of an organization is beyond dispute or debate. What constitutes the core of leadership? Leadership consists of many components. Communication is one of these prime components. Most of the time, leaders are communicating something or another to someone or another, be they the team members, the business partners, the customer, the stakeholders, the investors, or just anyone in the organization.

Communication being the cornerstone of leadership, the leader serves her purpose best when she learns how to communicate effectively. So, what is the idea of effective communication? It is the kind of communication that engages the team members to the extent that when they have listened once rightly, they simply go about and carry out their designated work without the need for rework.


Communication becomes effective when it is delivered right, to the right people, at the right time and with the right message. The purpose of communication is served right when it is devoid of miscommunication, which is often at the root of problems and issues for the organization.

So, how does a leader deliver communication that is spot on in terms of its effectiveness, reach and impact? This is the learning a webinar from TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for all the areas of human resources, will impart. At this webinar, which is being organized on November 27, Sarah Hilton, a presentation coach, will be the expert. Please log on to TrainHR to register for this learning.


At this webinar, Sarah will give an understanding of how good leadership will invariably lead to a workplace that is positive, energizing and inspiring. The leader who takes the creation of such a workplace upon herself and makes this a top priority, the result is obvious: such a leader is most likely to have her employees speak highly about her. The leader too, will enjoy creating and leading a team of go-getters, which she mentors.

Being in such a position requires a sound understanding of the human mind. It is only when the leader has a good grasp of the way each team member’s mind works that she will be able to lead, coach and mentor them to help them attain higher levels. Once assembled, such a leader will be one that everyone loves to work with. It takes persistent effort and motivation to develop the qualities that make a great leader.

At this webinar, Sarah will explain how to inculcate the ways in which leadership can learn, grow and experience. She will familiarize the participants with the Leadership Tool Kit, which she likens to sailing. When the boat starts to do adrift, what does the sailor do? He adjusts the sails and makes a few small tweaks in them to bring the boat back on track. Sarah will show how to adapt the same techniques for leadership which helps the communication stay strong, build relationships, and help the organization grow.

The following areas will be covered at this webinar:

  • Who are you as a leader today?
  • What is a “great” leader?
  • Communication – Clarity – Confidence
  • How to lead a motivating and inspiring workplace
  • Mental Health in the workplace
  • Top 3 ways to ensure you are the leader everyone wants to work with

This webinar session is aimed at benefiting new leaders, supervisors/managers, business owners, and entrepreneurs.


About the expert: Sarah has spent the last 10 years coaching and presenting presentation techniques that lead audiences to change, grow and discover a world they may not understand.

As a known speaker on Communication, Sarah has combined her training and experience to create a speaking system that she uses to train, facilitate and inspire audiences of up and coming speakers, professionals and businesses working on their key messaging.