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What’s New in Onboarding

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One of the most important exercises for an organization concerning its new hires is the onboarding process. Interviews, induction, and training go into the process, but are only a part of it. The much higher goal of an onboarding process is acclimatizing the employee to the organization’s culture. This makes the task of creating a good impression in the minds of the new hire about the organizational culture something of a matter of imperative to organizations. If the onboarding achieves this, it can be said to have achieved its primary objective.

Every action and step that will imbibe a sense of association and affinity in the new hire about the organization should be undertaken. This is what will contribute to making the onboarding a success. It should give the new hires the confidence that they have made the right decision in joining the organization and motivate them to give their best to it.

So, HR should develop and implement a proper onboarding process that sits in line with the expectations the new hires have. The ways by which to do this will be the learning a webinar from TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for all the areas of human resources, will be imparting.

Industrial/Organizational Psychologist and thought leader, Lynn Ware, will be the expert at this webinar, which is being organized on December 4.

Please visit TrainHR to join in for this valuable learning.


The expert will get down to helping participants get an idea of the current best practices relating to onboarding. She will explain how to utilize the new hire experience towards building commitment, confidence and competence. A very significant segment of this webinar is on how to integrate present day technological tools such as online gaming and mobile applications into the onboarding process with the intention of improving the engagement from the new hire and inspiring her to rapidly comprehend the knowledge and skills needed to perform in the new job.

When implemented, the onboarding method taught at this webinar will help the participants contribute to the achievement of the organization’s desired business results in quick time. Participating organizations that incorporate these strategies will be able to implement the latest in onboarding technology.


All personnel in organizations that take part in the onboarding process, such as Human Resource Professionals, HR Generalists, Managers, Supervisors, Leaders, Executives, Talent Managers, and Retention Consultants, will benefit from this webinar.

These areas will be covered at this session:

  • Turn your onboarding event into a 90 day process
  • Engage your new hires in learning the required skills quickly and easily
  • Use technology to streamline new hire logistics and help them learn new job skills in an engaging and interesting way
  • Ensure team cohesion and support for new hires by involving key team members in the process
  • Maximize new hire productivity by ensuring candidates have the tools to “pre-board”
  • Increase the retention of all new hires and reduce their turnover during the first year on the job
  • How to design a 90-day onboarding process that reduces the time it takes to get new employees up to speed
  • How to provide your virtual organization with the mobile application for tablets and smartphones
  • How to design and develop the content and learning activities to be used on the gaming platform
  • How to use manager, buddy and new employee checklists in the process
  • How to measure the business impact and contribution your new onboarding process delivers
  • Innovative case examples
  • Your Questions.


About the speaker: Dr. Ware is the CEO and President at Integral Talent Systems, Inc. She has designed, developed and implemented career development systems in partnership with several Best Place to Work organizations such as Google and Scripps Medical Center.

Dr. Ware has experience designing, implementing and measuring a wide variety of integrated talent management solutions in the consumer products, energy, financial services, health care, technology, manufacturing and retail industries.

She is frequently quoted on trends in talent management in numerous publications such as the Associated Press, San Francisco Chronicle, Harvard Business Review, and Computer World magazine, and has been featured several times on CNN as a global talent management expert.


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