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New EEOC Report: Workplace Harassment Prevention Not Working-Harassment Continues to be a Problem


If you are a human resources manager whose workload is preventing you from examining workplace harassment laws closely and staying abreast of the latest developments and updates to the existing laws, it is time for a serious rethink. Why? Simply because the 2016 findings of the US Equal Employment Opportunities Commission are far from flattering insofar as the role of HR managers in preventing workplace harassment is concerned.

Being unable to stay current with the latest regulations is no excuse for HR managers to avoid implementing the harassment-related laws and standards that are expected of them by the regulatory agencies. No matter what reasons may be preventing HR managers from understanding these laws and implementing them; the consequences of this negligence are too stark to ignore: non-implementation of the harassment prevention laws, and a range of undesirables such as abuse, absenteeism, turnover, loss of productivity, and resignations. This is in addition to the emotional turmoil such employees have to undergo, which will impact their productivity and prospects adversely.

A webinar from TrainHR, a leading provider of professional training for all the areas of human resources, will impart the crucial learning pertaining to how HR in organizations have to be aware of the laws and regulations concerning workplace harassment. This is the only means by which HR can avoid heavy lawsuits being slapped on the organization by employees who are victims of workplace harassment.

At this webinar, the expert, Susan Strauss, a national and international speaker, trainer, consultant and a recognized expert on workplace and school harassment and bullying, will set the tone for a clear understanding of these laws, the obvious result of which is the avoidance of landing the organization in nasty legal situations. Please visit–702339LIVE to register for this ninety-minute webinar, which is being organized on July 19.

This webinar has been approved for 1.5 HR (General) recertification credit hours toward aPHR, PHR, PHRca, SPHR, GPHR, PHRi and SPHRi recertification through HR Certification Institute (HRCI).

Viewing this webinar, its entirety qualifies for a recertification credit hour that may be counted toward SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP recertification from SHRM. Credit is awarded based on the actual educational time spent in the program.


The main objective of this webinar is to help participants get clarity on the rumors and misinformation that ensue whenever well-publicized cases of harassment surface. For instance, a notorious piece of news that an employer had been fined an additional million dollars only because it did not carry out harassment training did the rounds recently. Dr. Strauss will help the participants examine such news with a pinch of salt.

She will also offer understanding on the grey areas pertaining to whether an HR manager can be personally sued in a case of discrimination. In the course of this webinar, she will fulfil these objectives:

  • Review protected class discrimination and harassment
  • Identify the EEOC’s 2016 findings
  • Update information on new discrimination & harassment court decisions related to GINA, ADAAA, Pregnancy, and Title VII
  • Discuss the Affirmative Defense (AD) & your responsibility to reduce liability via AD
  • Differentiate between bullying and protected class harassment
  • Explore HR & management’s legal and ethical responsibilities in prevention and intervention of bullying and harassment
  • Describe the legal requirement of conducting an Accommodation Meeting
  • List the employment laws required for an organization’s wellness program

At this webinar, which is aimed at benefiting HR Specialists, HR Managers, Directors, Managers and supervisors of any department, Dr. Strauss will cover the following areas:

  • Review of the legal elements of discrimination and harassment law
  • List of protected classes (for example, in MN there are 15 including state and federal laws)
  • Specific requirements for compliance with GINA, ADAAA, and the PDA with discussion of recent legal cases for each
  • In depth discussion of the need for “accommodations” for ADA, religion, and pregnancy
  • Steps of an Accommodation Meeting and follow-up
  • Discussion of the nexus of bullying and harassment
  • What these changes in case law mean for employers
  • Training and policy requirements


About the expert: Dr. Strauss has conducted research, written over 30 books, book chapters, and journal articles on harassment, bullying, and related topics. She has been featured on television and radio programs as well as interviewed for newspaper and journal articles.

Dr. Strauss has a doctorate in organizational leadership. She is a registered nurse, has a bachelor’s degree in human services and counseling, a master’s degree in community health, and professional certificate in training and development.


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