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Auditing Human Resources Policies Carries Huge Advantages


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HR audits help the organization keep a track of its roles, responsibilities and duties. It is critical for organizations to make sure that policies are implemented and overviewed.

What is Human Resources audit?

HR audit may be defined as an in-depth, periodic examination of HR policies by an organization. It is considered a valuable option for organizations to assess where their HR functions are heading. It offers an organization a through measure of its corporate governance.


An organization has many advantages in putting in place a system for auditing HR policies:

  • It helps it to assess the effectiveness of HR audit policy;
  • An effective, periodic HR audit policy leads to overall development and improvement in the organization, helping to synchronize various departments’ work and activities;
  • Properly done HR audits help the organization analyze its weaknesses in relation to policy and productivity and help fix these;
  • Helps HR review policies that are not giving the required results;
  • Ensures that the organization stays compliant with regulations

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