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The Shining Gem

“Psst.. Hey… I have an amazing business proposition for you. How would you like to multiply your current income by a large factor with little to no effort?” Sounds too good to be true? It probably is. Most multi level marketing sales pitches start like this, often accompanied by talking extensively about a God-like figure that started the business in the first place and how he (Oh sorry, I mean He) made millionaires out of beggars by this seemingly infallible strategic marketing.

My first (and thankfully only as of this writing) experience with such a scheme was back in August 2013. I was new in college then, but I was still as lazy as I am today. As such, I was just chilling in my room, wasting some time on WhatsApp when my roommate asked me to accompany him to a business meeting that will “change my life”. I politely…

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Make Money Blogging: The Beginner’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing

Antony Agnel

Blogging looks fun but in the long run, it is an expensive job (or should I say a gift?) unless you very well know how to monetize your blog. Registering an average .com domain name costs around $10 to $15 dollars per year and paying for web hosting can take it further high. Hosting a website for one year on SiteGround‘s lowest shared web hosting plan costs around $120 per year when no discounts are applied. So, on an average hosting a web site for one year on a good web hosting plan can range anywhere from $100 to $1000. Imagine you are a small blogger just starting out or you have been blogging for long and haven’t monetized any part of your blog yet. This, my friend is a very costly mistake. You cannot afford to keep losing money even though it may not have a big impact…

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New Premium Themes: Small Business and Photo Blog

The Blog

Today we’re excited to announce two new premium themes: Small Business and Photo Blog.

Small Business

Small Business is a new premium theme for your entrepreneurial endeavors. At an introductory price of just $5 (or free with the Premium or Business plans), it’s a worthwhile investment for your business.

Small Business Theme Setup Instructions

We know that running a business is no small task, which is why Small Business includes comprehensive video instructions for its key features so you can get your business’ website online faster.

Small Business was designed with a simple, single-column layout for a consistent reading experience no matter the device or screen size, and uses system fonts to reduce page-load time. We’ve also included a few tailored features just for small businesses, like:

Contact Information: Your customers are busy people – that’s why easy access to essential information like your phone number and address is so important. Small…

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WordPress on the Go: Five Ways to Start Using the App


In “Blogging From Your Phone: A New Year’s Resolution,” Sarah Blackstock challenges herself to blog from the WordPress mobile app in 2018. Some of you may have similar goals to connect with others and write more, and one way to achieve both is by using WordPress on the device that’s always in your pocket. Not sure how to begin? Here are five suggestions.

Check your notifications

Download the iOS or Android app now.

The first place I look when I open my WordPress app is the Notifications tab — the bell-shaped icon on the bottom right. I get excited when I see that orange dot, which means that a reader has liked or commented on one of my posts. The Notifications tab is the quickest way to see who has interacted with your site(s): you can approve, trash, or edit comments, and respond to readers right on…

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How to Prepare your Business to Survive an Economic Collapse

Alexis Chateau PR

In 2008, America weathered an economic crisis that spread like wildfire through the international market. People and businesses alike suffered the consequences, before gradually climbing out of the economic abyss.

Experts now predict, another economic downfall is not too far away. The reasons range from the $25 billion estimate for the Mexican border wall, to rising debt in the United States.

Some experts say the decline could start in the next few years; and others, in the next six months. But whenever it does, is your business prepared to weather the collapse, and come out on top?

Here’s what you can do to ensure your answer is a resounding yes.

Become a Lean Organization

Lean organizations are efficient, not stingy. Efficient businesses spend money on assets that help to boost the bottom line, worker satisfaction, and the company’s good image. If a purchase benefits none of these three factors, then…

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