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Employee Engagement is the Finest Art for an Organization to Cultivate 


No organization can be more blessed than those whose employees want to contribute their best and feel excited and motivated to come to work, are absorbed in the work they are doing, and feel like giving new and fresh ideas that work.  Employees who go out of their way and contribute work and ideas towards improving the bottom line or enhancing its standing in the market are priceless.

Yet, such an organization is not one that is created in the heavens. It becomes so by inculcating a mantra for bringing this feeling about in its employees. That mantra is “employee engagement”.

Employee engagement is at the root of keeping the organization in a state of rare energy and enthusiasm. It is all about bringing about a milieu in which employees want to give in their best without being told to or asked to. An engaged employee is an organization’s best bet and its number one asset. When employees are motivated, the organization is a happy place to be in. An engaged employee associates her own interest with the organization’s to such an extent that she feels that what she does for the organization is a benefit for her own career.

Characteristics of organizations with engaged employees

Engaged employees are hard workers who put in lots of extra efforts. They show high levels of loyalty and satisfaction with their jobs. Their levels of morale and commitment are high. The benefits for organizations which have such employees are obvious:

  • Their turnover levels are very low
  • Their productivity, innovation, attendance and customer satisfaction are very high
  • They enjoy a great reputation
  • They stay ahead of the competition in almost all the areas that matter.

Is there a means to bringing about employee engagement? How do organizations learn this art? How do organizations handle engaged employees, and how do they engage employees that are not engaged?

Get an understanding of all the aspects of employee engagement

A webinar from TrainHR, a leading provider of professional trainings for the human resources industry, will be offering this learning. Catherine M. Mattice, President of consulting and training firm, Civility Partners, LLC, who has been successfully providing programs in workplace bullying and building positive workplaces since 2007 and whose book, “BACK OFF! Your Kick-Ass Guide to Ending Bullying at Work” has been hailed as ““the most comprehensive and valuable handbook on the topic”; will be the speaker.

Want to understand how to bring about employee engagement? Want to see how this magic formula can be created and made to work for your organization? Want to see your employees brimming with joy and enthusiasm? Then, please visit TrainHR to register for this highly valuable learning session.

Viewing this webinar, its entirety qualifies for a recertification credit hour that may be counted toward SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP recertification from SHRM.
Credit is awarded based on the actual educational time spent in the program.

This webinar has been approved for 1.5 HR (General) recertification credit hours toward aPHR, PHR, PHRca, SPHR, GPHR, PHRi and SPHRi recertification through HR Certification Institute (HRCI).

Key objectives of the webinar

The objectives of this webinar, which is of relevance and importance to key personnel in organization, such as HR Professionals, Business Consultants, EAP’s, Business Owners, Leaders, , Directors, Managers and Supervisors, Employee Relations,  and Union representatives or members; are:

  • Showing employees you value them
  • Giving them challenging work
  • Building positive relationships
  • Building trust between leaders and employees
  • Creating a positive work environment
  • Reminding employees why their work matters
  • Providing the opportunity to grow professionally
  • Offering meaningful rewards.

Catherine will cover the following areas at this webinar:

  • Define employee engagement and what it means in your organization
  • Create and implement an employee engagement survey
  • Implement a strategic plan for employee engagement and positive workplace culture
  • Learn best practices in giving praise, empowering employees, and setting expectations
  • Develop tools that will help employees see that you value them
  • Understand how to work with employees to create stretch goals, and coach employees through success
  • Create and implement techniques to increase trust within the organization
  • Work with employees to help them find the meaning in their work
  • Implement tips and techniques to create a positive workplace environment
  • Develop creative ways to offer professional development to your employees.

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