SHRM recertification powers TrainHR courses!



TrainHR courses, which were already heavyweight, have now become fortified with Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) recertification! With this, TrainHR’s courses will now come with the SHRM recertification tag.

So, why should it matter? Hasn’t TrainHR been organizing courses over the years that have helped thousands of HR professionals in their field? Well, what this recertification label means is that the Society for Human Resource Management puts its official stamp on TrainHR’s courses. SHRM-approved courses, as is well known in the industry circles, carry higher value and relevance to the participants.

These trainings are more perceptive, up-to-date, and current. This makes TrainHR courses even more power packed with the ingredients that HR professionals need to stay updated on the latest in their industry.

Plus, these SHRM-certified courses are known for the high level of knowledge they impart to the participants. This is the kind of knowledge and insight that helps them to take on challenges in their work head-on. What’s more; SHRM courses from TrainHR offer credits to professionals. Earning these credits is like building up your credit scores with every course you take. Keep adding to the kitty, and you will be pleased to see what it accumulates to at the end of day.

Helping professionals become smart decision makers

SHRM-certified courses enable HR professionals to take smart steps needed to adapt to the needs of the professions. They also bring about a new dimension into their thinking, which will be more strategic and astute. They are conditioned to look at a situation differently from the ordinary folk by thinking on their feet. With this kind of orientation in their thinking, they add value to what they are doing in their professions.

And yes, you can also show your boss that you have been proactive in enhancing your knowledge in your field. This is a double whammy, as it benefits you, and the organization is all the happier to have someone with gumption and enterprise. With your ears glued to the ground; your outlook is markedly different as a result of learning from these courses.

TrainHR’s courses are now even more solid and stronger. With trainings from such a highly respectable source; you boost your image among your community and in your organization. Our courses enable you to attain that stature. The SHRM recertification is official corroboration of this fact.

How does the recertification process work?

Participants can maintain their recertification by earning 60 professional development credits (PDCs) over three years. They can also choose to retake the certification exam. The real educational time spent at these courses determines the award of the credit. So, while a one-hour educational program offers one PDC; a one-hour and fifteen minute concurrent conference session earns participants 1.25 PDCs, and a three-hour eLearning course offers them three.


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