The technique of managing a healthcare setting’s online presence strategically



The social media represent an unprecedented opportunity for a number of businesses. Healthcare is one of them. Features and benefits that healthcare providers hitherto found unthinkable are today a daily occurrence with the prevalence of the social media. A hospital has an unimaginably high number of ways by which to reach out to patients and potential patients without so much as even knowing who they are, or in which part of the world they are located.

However, the enormous benefits of the reach of the social media notwithstanding; social media come with their challenges. Making people find them is the biggest challenge. The social media is crowded. A healthcare facility or hospital has to compete among innumerable people in the same segment. It is akin to getting seen in a crowd. Not that it is impossible, but it is just a little difficult.

Reviews can be positive, or they can be negative

Moreover, the element of interactivity is the outstanding and defining feature of most social media websites. While making the healthcare setting visible or making it much better known among its target customers is the primary aim of the social media; they also make it easy to cause the healthcare setting to slip off the radar in no time. Patient reviews, one of the core features of the social media, can work either way. Positive reviews work wonders, but negative ones can pull the healthcare setting to slip down the ratings in equally quick time.

So, managing their healthcare setting’s online presence is a major task for healthcare professionals. While an attractive website may be a tool for attracting viewership; there is much more to a good online presence. The trick for getting seen lies in how to make people find the healthcare setting when they Google for a related search and to build a strong positive set of reviews and minimize the negative ones.

Deep and lucid understanding of online presence strategies

Accomplishing this requires a very sound and effective online marketing strategy on the part of physicians and marketers. Physicians and managers need tools with which they can counter negative reviews and stay ahead of the curve in managing their online presence. This is exactly what a highly interactive and lively webinar from TrainHR, a leading provider of professional trainings for the human resources industry, will be imparting.

Debra Phairas, President of Practice & Liability Consultants, LLC a nationally recognized firm specializing in practice management and malpractice prevention, will be the speaker at this session. To understand how to strategize and optimize your online presence so that your healthcare setting emerges among the top searches and stays clear of the negative reviews that could work to its detriment, register for this webinar by logging on to

Tools for optimizing online presence

The intention of this webinar is to equip physicians and managers with the tools they will need to attract new patients to the practice.  Debra will also teach participants the ways of retaining existing ones and creating and keeping a positive online reputation. The strategies she will impart will help to effectively counteract negative reviews successfully. Litigation is one of these.

Hospital settings are often in a quandary about what to do when they attract a negative review. Can they, and should they sue? Using a recent example of how a physician successfully fought and won a slander suit against a patient; Debra will offer suggestions on how to choose the best option. She will also show the ways of defying a damaging review and use it to convince a judge to rule in the physician’s favor.

This session will be of great benefit to professionals whose work relates to handling the online presence of healthcare settings, such as Physicians, Managers, Administrators, COO, and CEO.

At this webinar, the following topics will be covered:

  • Search engine optimization, why this is important
  • Website design and elements to include for search engine optimization
  • Keywords that generate traffic, to making a site search engine friendly, to building the links and marketing the unique value of the site/organization’s offerings
  • Branding your image
  • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, blogs and how to use it successfully
  • Reputation Management Services
  • Techniques for Projecting a Caring, Professional Image
  • Ostensible Agency issues with Expense share groups
  • Help health grades and how to obtain good reviews/counteract negative ones.

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