Good proofreading helps to polish documents and keep the organization’s reputation intact


Proofreading is both a process and an art that adds helps important documents get their shape and proper form. It helps documents go that last mile in getting the punch and power needed for making a good impact. Good proofreading weeds out the errors that could otherwise cause embarrassment to the presenter. It also helps to insert the most appropriate word in a place in the document.

Almost all kinds of documents that are used in a work environment, be they outgoing correspondences, paperwork, project proposals, or just day-to-day emails, require proofreading. Proofreading is all about giving acute attention to the smallest part of a written document, be it syntax or punctuation.

Poorly proofread documents going out of the organization dent the organization’s reputation. Most people do not get a good impression of a company that makes mistakes in important documents such as its mission and vision statement, or proposals, or business plans or even its websites.

Learn the finer aspects of proofreading

The good news is that proofreading is not a rare talent only a genius can possess. It is something that can easily be wired into one’s system with some level of systematic training, although very few organizations pay attention to this skill. Getting the nuances of proofreading right is the intention of a webinar that is being organized by TrainHR, a leading provider of professional trainings for the human resources industry.

At this webinar, Mandi Stanley, a Certified Speaking Professional who works primarily with business leaders who want to boost their professional image and with people who want to be better speakers and writers, will be the speaker. To benefit from the expertise Mandi brings and to get a complete understanding of how to hone proofreading skills, enroll for this webinar by visiting .

Seemingly small mistakes can make a mountain of a difference

Mandi will offer perspectives on the most common proofreading-associated mistakes people do, such as forgetting to attach a document to a mail and then realizing it got left out, making simple mistakes even when the spelling is right, such as “form” instead of “from”, using “you” instead of “your”, and most embarrassing of all, overlooking the crucial letter “l” in “public”!

It is these aspects that need extra attention when it comes to proofreading. This webinar will highlight these. Mandi will explain how to overcome errors of this kind. She will impart two meaningful and tangible proofreading tools to help participants understand and overcome these problems.

People in important positions in organizations and doing work that relies on the power of proofreading to contain errors, such as Chief Human Resource Officers, Senior Management Team, HR Managers, Directors, and Administrators, Employment Managers, Training Directors and Supervisors will benefit in a big way from this session.

Mandi will cover the following areas at this webinar:

  • How to make sure documents leave your office error free
  • The “Newspaper Proof”: A fail-safe three-step approach to proofreading
  • The “Proofreader’s Power Pack”: Which tools and resources are indispensable to a proofreader
  • How to proofread in a distracting office environment
  • How to spot errors of omission
  • Why you never should proofread directly from your computer screen
  • How to catch the bloopers before the bloopers catch you.

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