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Business writing should be focused on fetching results



Creative writing is for those who want to express themselves by fulfilling their creative writing urge. Investigative writing is for those who want to expose a crime and hold it for the world to see. What about business writing? Business writing is purely for getting results, something that should not be lost sight of.

A business writer can be creative within certain parameters and boundaries, but the central purpose of business writing is to write for business results, rather than make the writing fit for a literature person to applaud. This is the core aspect of business writing. Business writing skills have to thus be tuned from this all-important perspective: If the business writing is not oriented towards business results, it serves hardly any purpose.

Understand the audience and purpose of business writing

Once a business writer understands the core purpose of business writing, it becomes easier to give shape to the writing. First of all, the writer has to understand the audience, because without knowing for whom the writing is being done, there is no purpose or usefulness in the writing exercise. The business writer needs to think whether the business writing is for the Board of Governors, for managers, for colleagues, for the clients, or for the lay person interested in business matters.

Secondly, the business writing should have clarity. Any business writing that is fluffy and stuffed with jargon is a put off, even if the audience is well-versed with the subject and its cant.

Being as brief and to the point as possible without being too roundabout qualifies as another important characteristic of business writing.

Attend a learning session on how to get business writing right

Want to know more on how to finesse business writing skills, so that you attain a level of writing with which you can confidently lay hands on obtaining results? Then, you need to attend a webinar from TrainHR on this topic. TrainHR is a highly popular provider of professional trainings for all the areas of human resources.

At this webinar, Philip Vassallo, who has developed, delivered, and supervised communication training programs for a wide range of managerial, administrative, and technical professionals, will be the speaker.

To gain understanding on this topic of business writing, just register for this webinar by visiting

The pillars of business writing

At this session, Philip will explain the two pillar of business writing, namely the product and the process. This webinar will be a session in which he will offer tips, practical strategies and techniques for honing the writing skills needed for becoming a successful business writer. He will explain how to plan the stages of business writing, which will help eliminate the writer’s block.

Philip’s insights into business writing will offer clarity to participants, who will learn how to draft the writing to promote efficiency; revise to make the writing complete and structured; edit to give it clarity, conciseness, and consistency of expression; and proofread to check and correct unnoticed errors in grammar, diction, and mechanics.

Attending this session on business writing skills will help the participants:

  • Jumpstart the writing process with an efficient method
  • Draft messages prolifically to enhance productivity
  • Revise for focused paragraphs and solid structure
  • Edit sentences for clarity through active voice
  • Apply the principles of conciseness to get to the point
  • Maintain a consistent message through parallel structure
  • Remedy the most prevalent syntax and diction errors that compromise quality.

Philip will cover the following areas at this session on business writing:

  • Use the writing process to compose efficiently
  • Determine the most important qualities of effective writing
  • Organize ideas for a solid structure
  • Express information with a focused, powerful style.


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