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Understanding cues from customers is vital for enhancing customer service



Understanding cues from customers is the most important rule for enhancing customer service, although it is often unwritten one. Why and how is this so? This is because customers, being humans like everybody else, throw up certain cues, voluntarily or involuntarily, about how they feel about the customer experience. Their body language, mannerisms, gestures and many other such actions can explain what they are going through or what they are looking for. Cues from customers are a direct indication of the emotional state the customer is in when they have made up their mind to buy a product or service.

If a business is poor at understanding cues from customers, it means it does not know the art of building a good customer relationship, which is the soul of the business. Understanding cues from customers involves being deeply, but not intrusively involved in the customer’s thinking processes and patterns. For example, understanding cues from customers could mean being aware of whether they have a frown on their face about some aspect of the product or the service.

Understanding cues from customers by studying them

Understanding cues from customers also involves a number of actions and gesticulations that could convey a lot about what the customer is going through. Entering a shop, a customer may look for the ceiling, indicating that she is looking for some air. Understanding cues from customers involves studying this body language and switching the fan or air conditioner on, without being asked to. This unobtrusive way of knowing the pulse of the customer’s need is what understanding cues from customers is essentially about.

Understanding cues from customers is very important in determining the customer’s need, which is the basis to building a relationship. Many businesses, however, fail to realize the importance of understanding cues from customers. This is unforgivable for a business. They need to understanding cues from customers by having the instinct to pick up either visual or audio clues from their customers. If the example explained above is an example of a visual cue from customer, a simple thing such as clearing the throat may signal that the customer is looking for attention.

Understanding cues from customers is instinctive and intuitive

If a business fails to notice these small but extremely significant actions from customers, it simply means that it is poor at understanding cues from customers. Having said this, understanding cues from customers is not something that can be taught from a textbook. It is an art that an attentive customer service person wires into her system through observation and practice, and more importantly, willingness to understand the customer and serve her needs better. Understanding cues from customers is not a prescriptive set of practices, instances or definitions. It is acquired and honed by keeping the ear to the ground.

Cultivating the ways of understanding cues from customers will be the topic of a valuable webinar from TrainHR, a very popular provider of professional trainings for the human resources industry. At this webinar, the founder of Your Life, Unlimited Speaking & Coaching Services and author of When Enlightening Strikes: Creating a Mindset of Uncommon Success and Your Life, Unlimited: A Guided Journal, Stephanie Staples, will be the speaker.

Understanding the nuances of cues from customers is easy. All that is needed is to enroll for this webinar from Stephanie. To gain the benefit of this session and to learn to understand cues from customers, please register for this webinar by visiting .

The dynamics of understanding cues from customers

Attendance at this webinar is beneficial for those whose work involves sharing creative ways to improve customer service, attaining a culture of respecting, helping and caring amongst the staff and offering a supportive environment for optimal personal growth of employees. The major benefit this session will offer is that it will equip participants with the insights and ideas needed for inspiring and motivating staff into positive, pro-active action.

At this webinar, Stephanie will cover the following areas:

  • How to use cues to enhance situations
  • Learn creative ways to provide advanced customer service
  • Discover new ideas for staff appreciation
  • How to inspire, motivation your staff to go the extra mile.


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