Artificial Intelligence as a tool of education


Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a tool of education has unimaginably high potential. Artificial Intelligence as a discipline, at least in the form and shape we have come to associate it with, has come a long way from its inception a few decades ago. In the simplest terms, AI is the intelligence used by machines to perform predesignated tasks. From the earliest times, when in its rudimentary form, it was used to make machines carry out mechanical tasks, it is now used to power automobiles, help launch rockets, and do a host of other things down to the level of PDA’s.

While the areas in which AI is used have grown beyond imagination, one area in which it can revolutionize the way we look at life is education. The scenario of using AI as a tool of education is enormous and hugely exciting. Why is this so? Simple: Many of the elements of Artificial Intelligence are perfectly suited for education.

Artificial Intelligence has the capability to change the very face of education

In this era of globalization, Artificial Intelligence can be used as an extremely powerful tool to foster learning across boundaries. It promises huge potential in transforming the face of education, since it is a technology that is perfectly adaptable for all the ingredients that make education fun and meaningful: Interaction, global linkage and student friendliness.

Given the expansive reach of AI, its use in education is all the more pronounced. Artificial Intelligence has the capability to change the very face of education. It can bring in automation of many basic activities related to learning. It can be a real time assistant to students, something on the lines of Siri or Watson or Google cars. When these machines could reach dizzy heights using Artificial Intelligence technology, there is no reason for education not to partake the best out of technologies to scale higher levels.

Learn more on how Artificial Intelligence helps education enhance its character

The ways by how Artificial Intelligence helps education enhance its character and make educators enrich and push education beyond its known frontiers will be the topic of a webinar that TrainHR, a leading provider of professional trainings for the human resources industry, will be organizing. At this hour-long webinar, Shea Richburg, who has founded Lion Mommy, Inc., a consulting company that partners with large corporations to coach and assist people, will be the expert. To understand how education can be deeply impacted by Artificial Intelligence, enroll for this webinar by visiting

Shea will explain how adapting Artificial Intelligence for education is no longer just a desirable, nice to have idea, but a bare necessity for one’s very own survival in the field of education. The use of AI in education will become so pervasive in the next few years that education will become unthinkable without Artificial Intelligence. In the course of this session, Shea will cover the following areas:

o   Explain what is AI

o   Exactly how it will affect learning in the future?

o   How to introduce a child or novice to AI.

o   What programs are available for children to learn more about AI?

o   How will AI impact the workforce within the next few years?

o   Will humans have to change their thought patterns because of AI?


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