Human Resources Training

Organizations have to instill techniques for screening the genuineness of new hires

Corporate history has shown that organizations that have the right people get it right. Hiring decisions thus form the foundation of an organization’s power to find the right people. However, one aspect of the employment process needs more than careful attention and thought: The hire’s credentials.

Given the availability on the Net of companies that go to the extent of creating false certificates, it is never impossible for a fraudulent candidate to present fake certifications to organizations and give the impression of being a genuine candidate, while in real life he or she may be something totally different. Many candidates present documents about their qualifications and past experience that appear genuine, but are actually not so in reality. A candidate who enters an organization through these shady means is a liability of the highest order.

Dealing with conmen

An organization’s HR has to be alert to such misdeeds from the occasional con artist it encounters from time to time. It has to learn ways to outsmart such candidates if it has to secure and shield the organization from such wrongdoings.

The ways by which HR professionals and others concerned with the hiring process will be the subject of a training session that TrainHR, a leading provider of professional trainings for the HR industry, will be organizing.

To enroll for this important learning session, just log on to At this 90-minute session, noted attorney at law and CEO of Employment Screening Resources (, Lester S. Rosen will offer insights into effective screening techniques that help organizations detect such deceptive candidates, and are both smart and within legal parameters.

Techniques for seeing through sham candidates

At this session, Lester will offer thorough understanding of the dynamics of how to check for the genuineness of the various aspects of a candidate’s credentials, such as education and past work experience. He will offer a way of crosschecking a candidate’s references from past employment and help understand the potential legal implications of both providing and not providing information related to this.

At this session, Lester will offer learning on topics related to candidate background screening, such as:

  • Best practices when asking for past employment information
  • Insights and best practices in obtaining past employment information
  • Special issues such as handling verification of current employment
  • What to do if the past employer no longer exists
  • Military employment and dealing with employment databases
  • Review of new technologies and approaches
  • Special issues involving international credentials and the role of social media sites and Web 2.0 in the process

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