Human Resources Training

Preparing for filing taxable incomes for 2016 year end


The IRS provides updated tax rates and changes how taxable income is calculated each year. It is changing filing deadlines in 2016. So, organizations that are required to file their taxable incomes need to be fully ready for these filing deadline changes. They need to also be aware of the change in penalty structure for noncompliance that President Obama signed into law in 2016.

It is to give a thorough understanding of this aspect of the W-2 that TrainHR, a leading provider of professional trainings for the HR space, will be organizing a webinar. At this webinar, Dayna Reum, Payroll Tax Manager at PetSmart Inc., will be the speaker.

A training session to offer thorough perspective

To makes sense of the new IRS legislation and gain an understanding of how the W-2 needs to be handled legally; please register for this webinar by logging on to .

Dayna will cover all of this Obama-signed law to make sure that participants have a yearend reconciliation and plan that will make for a successful W-2 season. While this webinar will offer the seasoned payroll professionals insights on what aspects of this new legislation need to be considered for filing their taxable incomes; it will also assist the W-2 rookie to understand all the boxes on the W-2 form and what should be reported.

Dayna will also offer a brief overview of yearend and W-2 best practices that will help participants get a better understanding of the exercise. Those who deal with payroll or are associated with its functioning, such as Payroll Professionals, Compensation Professionals and HR Professionals will derive very high benefit from this webinar.

Dayna will cover the following areas at this webinar:

  • W-2 Requirements
  • W-2 box by Box review
  • Updated legislation to consider for W-2 and 2016
  • State by State discussion of special W-2 considerations
  • Year End and W-2 best Practices
  • New Year legislation.



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