Using MS One Note for smarter work

Microsoft One Note is a highly intuitive and useful tool that helps in performing a number of functions while blending seamlessly with MS Outlook and the Web. This tool is super useful in helping busy professionals become more organized with their work matters. It is a great medium in organizing work items, projects or tasks that have multiple layers and lots of related information. With MS One Note, all that is needed for assembling, organizing and sharing all related documents, notes, webpages, lists, emails, etc. in one place for total ease is just a click.

A learning session to help use this program optimally

Want to explore this program to derive its fullest use? Want to understand how to make complex and varied work more organized, efficient and highly streamlined? A webinar from TrainHR, a leading provider of professional trainings for the HR industry, will offer this learning at a webinar it is organizing.

Becky Gallagher, who has been a part of the Smarter Training Matters team since 2011, working with and listening to clients to help create spot-on solutions for their productivity training needs, will be the speaker at this webinar, at which she will introduce the OneNote software and show the amazing versatility of this program.

Just visit  to enroll for this highly valuable learning session. Anyone who uses Microsoft at work, such as almost all kinds of employees, workers who work remotely and Project managers will find this session extremely educative and useful.

Becky will cover the following areas at this webinar:

  • How to create notebooks, sections and pages
  • How to easily add information, emails, pictures, even audio to notebooks (most with just a click!)
  • Ideas for how to customize with color, order and style
  • How to share all or part of a notebook with others



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