Human Resources Training

Understand insurance first before taking it out

Life insurance has changed almost beyond recognition in the past three decades or so. Back then, all that was available to the consumer was a couple of concepts like term and whole life insurance. Today, the options open before the consumers are seemingly unlimited. One can choose from Whole life, Universal Life, Variable Universal Life, and Term Life among many more.

What has this spurt in the number of kinds of life insurance meant to the consumer? While the consumer is today free to decide what she wants; that is also the catch, because this assortment of choices is usually confusing and complex. One needs to be completely aware of the full nuances of the plan one is choosing. The fine print should not be overlooked, for the devil is in the detail.

A learning session to help arrive at the right insurance decisions

It is with the intention of helping consumers arrive at the right insurance decisions which help them derive the optimal value out of them that TrainHR, a very popular provider of professional trainings for the human resources industry, will be organizing a webinar. The speaker at this webinar is Nancy D. Butler, a national professional motivational speaker, award-winning author, business coach and continuing education instructor, and owner of “Above All Else, Success in Life and Business”.

To enroll for this webinar, just log on to  to register.

Selecting a plan based on one’s needs

At this session, Nancy will offer clarity and insight into the content and meaning of the various kinds of insurance. She will equip participants with a clear understanding of how to select a policy or set of policies that best suit them, based on various inputs and factors, such as whether the consumer is single or married, needs insurance when working or retiring, at what age the maximum benefit is to be derived from the insurance policy, and so on.

She will also offer understanding on how much is appropriate to hold through the employer and how much to hold on one’s own. While teaching participants how to be prudent while noting the riders; she will also explain the new Hybrid Life insurance that comes with a long term care benefit.



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