Human Resources Training

Conducting a legally sustainable internal investigation and documenting it rightly

protecting-privilege-internal-investigations-1An internal investigation report is a very critical document in an organization. It should not only be objective; it should be above reproach and should stand the test of time and scrutiny. The investigation should be completely free of prejudice towards the employee against whom it is carried out and should have ensured that all legal steps and processes are taken before arriving at its conclusion, and the report should reflect this.

The investigative internal employee report should contain logical and factual representation. It should be a perfect echo of the entire investigation and should contain the important elements of the investigation. If the report is not consistent with the investigation, it gives itself away and becomes an impugned document. This should be totally avoided, because anyone, either in the organization or outside, who reads the report, should use this as a guide to understand how the investigation went. This is because not everyone who reads it would have been part of the investigation itself. This explains the importance of a good investigative report.

Get to know the ways of doing this right

A webinar that will show the right ways by which to write an internal investigation report effectively and in a legally sustainable, foolproof manner is being organized by TrainHR, a leading continuing professional education training provider for the Human Resources industry. Teri Morning, President of Teri Morning Enterprises, will be the speaker at this very interesting and lively webinar. To register for this session, just visit .

Teri will show participants the ideal way of writing investigative reports. This webinar will cover the following areas:

  • Format of a report
  • What should be included in a report and as importantly – what should not
  • Style for report writing
  • Writing of allegation(s)
  • What to do with evidence
  • What goes in a witness summary in the report and what does not
  • Writing of your final determinations
  • What to do with partially substantiated allegation(s)
  • Why the report summary is written last
  • Tips for proofing and analyze your own final report
  • Report writing mistakes
  • Characteristics of a good report.

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