Colleagues with Autism Stress Disorder (ASD) need special handling

The National Institute of Health (NIH) estimates that around 1.5% of the children in the US, or roughly one in 68, suffer from Autism Stress Disorder (ASD). Since ASD is a neuro developmental disorder, people who have it do not see or react to the world around them like most others.

When children with ASD grow up into adults and join the workforce, they could land into problems because they could be mistaken in a number of ways. Those who don’t understand ASD and mishandle it could:

  • Consider a meltdown as aggression, hurting or killing someone as a result
  • Botch a situation involving a colleague with ASD, which may negatively impact their employment
  • Give the opportunity for a legal tangle for the organization.

Given all these possibilities, it makes sense to equip oneself with more knowledge of how to handle an ASD-affected employee at the workplace.  The more the knowledge one has; the more civilized the interaction with the ASD colleague will be.

Understand ASD better

A webinar that is being organized by TrainHR, a leading provider of professional trainings for the human resources industry, will offer understanding on this issue. The speaker, Jim Zalud, is a language expert who has conducted seminars for business and law enforcement personnel for the past three decades, will be the speaker at this interesting webinar. Just visit to gain a solid understanding of the ways of handling colleagues with ASD.

Jim will reveal facts about autism that will increase empathy for them. As a result of the learning gained at this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Save themselves the prospect of doing harm to someone with ASD
  • Protect their job that could be lost as a result of negligence towards a person with ASD
  • Prevent lawsuits from being filed against their organizations

While giving participants a basic understanding of autism; Jim will increase their confidence, vision, and productivity in an environment in which there are people with ASD.

Jim will cover the following areas at this highly relevant and useful webinar:

  • The tsunami that is autism
  • How much you don’t know about autism
  • How much you can learn in just 20 minutes
  • What you should do in an autism crisis
  • Who you should contact for more information.

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