Human Resources Training

Losing relationships is easy; rebuilding them takes effort and time

Building relationships is one of the key skills of a business leader. The importance of building a good rapport, with everyone who is of concern to the business –be it business associates, colleagues or whoever –is often overlooked, with the result that it hardly gets the kind of importance and attention it should be getting.

Once a relationship is broken through the use of some loose words or actions; it is difficult to mend it. Yet, whatever can be salvaged has to be. The ways of doing this will be the topic of a learning session that is being organized by TrainHR, a highly popular provider of professional trainings for the human resources industry.

Dr. Genie Laborde, an internationally acclaimed seminar leader, corporate trainer, author and artist, will be the speaker at this webinar. To gain complete and clear understanding of the ways of rebuilding lost rapport, just log on to

Ways of mending

This webinar will explain ways by which the rapport that is broken once due to any action or words can be repaired. The speaker at this session will cover the following areas:

  • Necessity of understanding rapport
  • Definition
  • Best Strategy
  • Your outcome, Their outcome
  • Dovetailing
  • Rapport lost
  • Quick strategy if lost
  • Additional fine-tuning
  • Increased perception
  • Winning questions

This session is highly useful to a vast array of professionals. It is of use to anyone in business, and to people holding designations such as CEO, CFO and CTO, HR Managers, Supervisors, Senior Management, Sales and Marketing, Leadership, Employee Relationship Manager, and Staffing Manager.


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