All about Time Blocking


Time Blocking is a very important time leveraging technique. It is essentially about planning how to use time in such a manner that we perform our best and most important functions when we are at our peak productivity phase. This need not be the longest period of time in the workday. This concept is based on the premise that time is like air, which fills up a container of any size. In other words, the more time we allot for a work, the more the time it takes to complete it, and vice versa.

So, with proper time management, we should be able to make the most of the productive hours and flesh out the less responsive ones. This is very important in helping to remove the gaps that many people face in productivity and performance at their workplace.  Time blocking is also extremely effective in removing the many disturbances and distractions that we come across in our work life.

A learning session on the ways of optimizing Time Blocking

There are a few proven and well established techniques that help employees use time blocking effectively as a tool for improving productivity and performance with the optimal use of the same time that everybody else has. The ways of doing this effectively will be the topic of a webinar that TrainHR, a highly reputable provider of professional trainings in the human resources arena, will be organizing.

At this webinar, Penny Zenker, who has created the P10 Productivity Accelerator System that is focused around the 10 Core Drivers of work success and is a strategic business coach and trainer who helps organizations and entrepreneurs boost productivity, will be the speaker. To derive the best out of time blocking, just log on to


The nuts and bolts of Time Blocking

Participants of this webinar will learn how to use time blocking techniques to bring about a significant increase in focus and productivity, how to effectively gain more control over their time, ways by which to bring about a major reduction in stress in their lives, how to attain their goals faster and to eventually achieve better balance in their lives.

This session is highly useful for CEO’s, Professional Directors, Managers, Consultants, Department Heads, and Supervisors. Penny will cover the following areas at this webinar:

  • Alignment of goals and actions
  • Understanding Stress and how to transform it
  • Implementation tips and tricks
  • Accountability measures
  • Practical tools to enhance productivity
  • Energy management is the key to productivity

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