Human Resources Training

Workplace Violence is a Serious Threat to an Organisation’s Reputation If not handled firmly

Key Takeaway:

Workplace violence plagues the entire workforce across the globe. Employees engaged in certain kinds of work are more vulnerable. Organizations have to work diligently to address violence at the workplace.

Violence is one of the worst outcomes of the development of the place of work. It is an inevitable byproduct of the workplace. Contrary to what the term suggests and to what people generally tend to think; workplace violence doesn’t have to be only physical violence. Even these acts can count as workplace violence:

  • Abusing verbally: speaking to a colleague using swear words or in a condescending manner
  • Attacking a colleague physically: these can include acts such as punching, hitting, kicking, shoving or pushing or other intimidating gestures
  • Harassment: embarrassing, insulting, demeaning, irritating, bullying or intimidation
  • Resorting to behavior that threatens a colleague: vandalism of workplace property, using fists, or throwing objects around
  • Threats: spoken or written

What Kinds of Employees are at Risk of Inviting Workplace Violence?

Employees in many professions and work settings are at risk of facing violence. In the US, the professions that most commonly reported workplace violence included those in

    • Healthcare
    • Social service
    • Teachers; and
    • Retail employees.

What Can Organizations Do about Workplace Violence?

workplaceInvestigation (2)

The most important aspects to be taken care of during a workplace investigation interview:

  • Who
  • Where
  • When
  • How; and
  • Why.

Making a Checklist to jot Down the Processes is of Immense Value

Making a checklist of action items is a great way to avoid pitfalls. These could include:




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