Human Resources Training

Workplace Investigations have to be Fair and Legally Compliant

Key Takeaway:

Workplace investigations are delicate, yet critical tasks for HR. HR has to show real maturity and objectivity in carrying out workplace investigations.

An investigation at the workplace can happen for many reasons. This is just a small sample of the possible reasons for which workplace investigation can happen:

  • Use of drugs by some employees
  • Unruly behaviour
  • When employees resort to violence
  • When there is theft at the workplace
  • When there are complaints of harassment or discrimination
  • When employees violate rules at the workplace

Any time HR gets a call for workplace investigation, it has to immediately gird its loins by taking a few immediate steps and decisions concerning how it decides to proceed. These include:

workplaceInvestigation (1)

The most important aspects to be taken care of during a workplace investigation interview:

  • Who
  • Where
  • When
  • How; and
  • Why.

Making a Checklist to jot Down the Processes is of Immense Value

Making a checklist of action items is a great way to avoid pitfalls. These could include:

workplaceInvestigation1 (1)


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