Pre-Employment Testing is a Good Tool for Assessing Future Hires

Key Takeaway:

If administered properly, pre-employment testing is a good means of ensuring that the organization gets the right candidate

In simple terms, a pre-employment test is an assessment an organization carries out to test the suitability of the candidate for the selected role. It is done to ensure that the candidate has the potential to fulfil the expected role. It is done to get a feel of how a candidate could fare if given the job.

What are the Kinds of Pre-Employment Tests?

Pre-employment tests consist of, but are not entirely limited to these:

  • Behavioral -integrity, assertiveness, interpersonal skills, equanimity
  • Knowledge relating to the job
  • Motivation -what motivates the candidate to perform better
  • Motor and physical abilities
  • Perceptive and rational abilities -attention to detail and ability to distinguish
  • Personality as a measure of suitability to the job
  • Verbal proficiency
  • Work skills already known and demonstrated
  • History of use of drugs or other substances
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

What are the Benefits of a Pre-Employment Test?

  • It acts as a reliable filter in screening the candidate, if applied objectively and appropriately
  • In combination with a background check, it acts as a kind of lie detector in areas in which the candidate is vulnerable
  • Helps select the right candidate for a job, thereby reducing the chances of short term hires, which can be expensive for the organization

What are the Factors Concerning Pre-Employment Tests?

preEmploymentTesting (1)

Points to be Borne in Mind While Conducting Pre-employment Tests

preEmploymentTesting1 (1)





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