Human Resources Training

Positive Staff Appraisals are a Good Motivator

It is natural for high-performing employees to expect good appraisals. While monetary compensation is a good thing, a word of appreciation at a positive staff appraisal goes a long way.


Recognition and admiration are very, very basic human needs. They are as elementary as food and water. When an employee earns recognition and good name in the organization she works for; there is a deep sense of pride and gratitude. One of the best-suited occasions to show an employee how much the organization values her work is appraisals.

Letting the Employee Know What the Management Thinks of Her Work is at the Core of Positive Staff Appraisals

Appraisals, whenever they are done, guarantee an increase in pay or other benefits to the deserving employees. In addition to it, the management should use this as an occasion to voice their impression of why they felt this benefit was justified. That is why positive staff appraisals are a great tool for letting the employee know how much the organization values the good work she put in.

So, how should positive staff appraisals be worded? There is no single formula or template for doing this and depends entirely on how the manager wants to rate the employee who is being appraised. Yet, a few words such as these can serve as a good basis to frame positive staff appraisals:

Positive staff appraisals may generally relate to, but are not restricted to the following qualities:

  • Performance
  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Adaptability
  • Problem solving
  • Willingness to take up responsibility and ownership, among many other such qualities.

In relation to each of these individual parameters, positive staff appraisals may be generally worded in the following ways:





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