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Putting a Performance Appraisal Toolbox in Place Helps

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A performance appraisal toolbox is an objective checklist of the ingredients that go into an appraisal. Managers have to learn what to put into this toolbox.

An appraisal is a headache for any manager. Yet, despite its being a delicate task; no manager can escape from it. Appraisals could make or mar employees’ careers. From an employee’s perspective, getting a raise that is not proportionate to her work done during the year is a bad appraisal. From the organization’s standpoint, a bad appraisal is one that rewards employees that the management thinks are poor performers. So, how does the manager draw the line? The solution is the performance appraisal toolbox.

What is a Performance Appraisal Toolbox?

In simple terms, a performance appraisal toolbox is a set of parameters that managers use to measure performance from their subordinates. They use these parameters to continually assess employees from time to time and compile to arrive at one final figure at the time of the employee’s appraisal.

A performance appraisal toolbox is a good way to arrive at a fair evaluation after measuring traits like attitude, behavior and effort for accomplishing tasks. It eliminates the aspect of impetuosity in decision-making, since it is carried out over a period of time.

Components of a Performance Appraisal Toolbox

  • Managers need to be equipped with the skills to plan, write, and execute aperformance appraisal document
  • Managers have to set realistic goals for their employees and measure performance in relation to these
  • In evaluating, managers have to ensure legal compliance and help employees set performance goals
  • Appraisals have to be give-and-take discussions rather than being one-sided
  • A performance appraisal toolbox should help deal with negative behavior from the employee
  • The toolbox should enable employees to assess their own performance, set goals, and develop new skills, knowledge and competencies

Ways to Prepare a Performance Appraisal Toolbox

Ideally, a performance appraisal toolbox should be prepared by the manager keeping these items in mind:


performanceAppraisalToolbox (1)


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