Human Resources Training

Performance Appraisals are the Backbone of Employee Retention

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Performance appraisals are important to the extent that they help organizations keep good employees or make them leave. That is why there has to be real purpose in appraising performance.

One of the prime tools that help an organization keep its employees and motivate them to higher levels of performance is performance appraisals.

Important Points about Performance Appraisals

  • Performance appraisals should be done at the scheduled intervals
  • Self-appraisals and management appraisals have to be collated
  • They should be done fairly and without prejudice
  • Performance appraisals should reward a high-performance employee and spur her towards improved performance
  • A performance appraisal that reeks of favoritism and bias is a huge deterrent to performance.

Performance Appraisal Techniques



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