Payroll Professionals need to Master Multistate Taxation

Multistate taxation is a challenge for payroll professionals. Taxation professionals need to be very circumspect in dealing with it.

The reason for this is not difficult to seek. The term itself says it all. Although we have a uniform Federal taxation on some items; there are several others which vary from one state to another. This makes the knowledge of the structure of taxation in each state a payroll professional’s elementary functions.

What complicates the matter is that in relation to three important aspects of multistate taxation; rules vary from one state to another:

  • Where an employee lives in one state and works in another, or works in two or more states simultaneously
  • Where organizations have operations or businesses in more than one state
  • Reporting requirements vary for all states where the company has employees working or in some cases, living.

What the Payroll Professional Dealing with Multistate Taxation Should Look out For

The payroll professional has to be aware of several aspects of multistate taxation such as:




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