Human Resources Training

Employee Orientations are an Important Stepping Stone for Employees

Key Takeaway:

An employee orientation program is the first impression about the organization for the new employee. Organizations need to do what it can to ensure that a positive first impression becomes the lasting impression.


While hiring an employee, an organization takes several factors into consideration. Experience, suitability, qualifications, behavior and attitude and references are some of these. Even if there a fit in all these parameters and even if the onboarding employee carries sufficient experience; there is one final aspect that needs to be taken into consideration: the cultural fit into the organization.

What are Employee Orientations and why are They Necessary?

Once the employee is hired, since she is from a different organization or has started afresh, a dose of familiarity and acculturation into the organization needs to be infused. This is what an employee orientation does.

Employee orientation is done in the belief that employees are going to be with the organization for a long term and need to be imbibed the organization’s values and mindset.

Factors to be Borne in Mind About Employee Orientation

  • Employee orientation is not a one day affair;
  • It is not as simple as handing out a leaflet about the organization during induction;
  • Employee orientation, like the employee’s tenure in the organization, has to be done over several days or weeks or even months, depending on the position;
  • During the duration of the employee orientation program, the employee has to be familiarized, in a phased manner, with all the functions she is going to be carrying out.

Components of a Good Employee Orientation Program

The employee orientation program is the stepping stone for the employee. It is during this time that she familiarizes herself with the new organization, and is the period in which most of her opinions about the organization are formed. Some core aspects of a good employee orientation program include:


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