Employee Assessment is a vital Tool for Organizations

Employee assessment help organizations identify and define employees that are either assets or liabilities. A great level of care has to be taken into employee assessments

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An organization that does not carry out periodic employee assessments is considered lackadaisical. Such an organization is missing out on what constitutes its core function. Employee assessment is an important tool that helps the organization and the employee understand the level of their match to each other. Employee assessment is the prime factor in making appraisals that are an important aid for career enhancement and motivation.

Types of Employee Assessment

Employee assessments are of two types:

  • Self-assessment
  • Assessment by management, led primarily by HR.

A self-assessment form, as this self-explanatory term denotes, is filled out by the employee. This is meant to first get an idea of what the employee thinks of her own work during the assessment period and how she rates it.

On the other hand, the assessment by management reflects how the management has perceived the said employee’s work. Both these assessments are then mapped to arrive at an agreed measure. The raise is given based on this common understanding.

Tools for Employee Assessment

Employees are assessed in a variety of ways using tools such as



Sample Employee Assessment Form

An employee assessment is the process in which these parameters are judged. Typically, an employee assessment form, which would be common to both assessments, serves as a template for making employee assessments.




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