Payroll Procedures Need Not be Complicated all the Time

Key Takeaway:

“Write, write and write down” should be the mantra of payroll procedures. A non-written payroll procedure is as good as a non-existent one.

If there is one central,indispensable element to getting the payroll procedure right, it is writing. This is something most organizations abhor, given the magnitude of their tasks, but not writing down has far greater consequences than sparing a few minutes can afford.

Keeping payroll procedures updated every time an event happens is the easiest way to getting the whole procedure right. Writing down

  • Streamlines payroll-related operations;
  • Prevents employees from doing the same tasks repeatedly;
  • Ensures that each task is done completely, accurately, and uniformly each time it is performed
  • Makes it easy to discover how every employee performs each process

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What to write down?




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