Emotional Intelligence is a More Reliable Parameter of Success Than IQ

Emotional Intelligence is a More Reliable Parameter of Success Than IQ

Key Takeaway:

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is no longer the gold standard of a person’s ability to succeed. Emotional intelligence is being hailed as the quality essential for success.

From about a couple of decades, psychiatrists have developed the emotional quotient criterion, the new paradigm which could push the traditionally accepted Intelligence Quotient into oblivion.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Psychologists describe emotional intelligence or Emotional Quotient (EQ) as consisting of the following:

  • The ability to face challenges by being aware of one’s own self;
  • Ability to find positive ways of dealing with stressful situations;
  • Communicating effectively and politely with others;
  • Empathizing with people;
  • Willingness to form healthier relationships by working closely with people;
  • Ability to use all these qualities to achieve success at work and in life.

Which of these do Organizations Prefer?

Of the two types, most workplaces would prefer the person with emotional intelligence, for these reasons:

A good guiding principle for formulating a dress code that does not offend most employees could be the golden rule followed in several jurisprudences: your right ends where his nose begins. Placed in the context of office dress code matters, the interpretation of this maxim is quite simple: allow anyone to practice any dress code, so long as that is not going to overtly hurt others.

  • Change is the only constant in business;
  • Every day is a new one that comes with its own unique, hitherto unseen challenges;
  • Reliance on books is not the answer to evolving and changing situations;
  • The person with emotional intelligence is at home, whereas the person with high IQ may not be able to handle with grace and ease.

In order to understand how emotional intelligence can be used to better one’s performance at the workplace, enroll for our highly interactive Related Webinars.

Intelligence Quotient vs Emotional Intelligence



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