Teams are the building blocks of organizations

Team building is one of the core skills a good leader brings into organizations. One of the most important parameters by which a leader is rated is in his capacity for team building. This is because the difference a leader makes is in not just how he functions as a leader, but by what he builds and leaves behind.

A good team is indispensable for a number of factors

An effective team building strategy is a must for a good leader because more people can contribute together when functioning as one unit, rather than as individuals. Another important advantage of team building is that while together they can fortify individual strengths; some in the team can compensate for the weakness of one or more members of the team. Team building is critical to leadership succession too, because the team can take over from the leader after his departure from the organization.

What does it take to build a team?

Team building is one of the most vital functions a leader carries out. It is carried out over the long haul, and not something that is done as a matter of daily task routine. The leader has to keep a close eye on some of these points:

What to build the team for

A leader entrusted with the task of team building has to begin by asking oneself this most elementary question: for what purpose in the organization should the team building be done? The leader has to decide on the specifics of the purpose. What is the team going to be for? Is it for the organization’s core function or secondary function? What department or area does the team need to be built for? Is the team to consist of young or old employees? These and related questions form the core of what the teambuilding exercise has to be focused on.

Whom to select

This follows the first point logically. Once the leader has decided with going ahead with team building and the purpose for it; the next matter to consider is which of his employees will be part of the team building exercise. In other words, the leader has to decide which of his team members will go into the core team building activity. For this, the leader needs to be aware of his team’s strengths and weaknesses. He then has to make a selection of his employees for team building.


The third important component of team building is what role to assign to each of the team members. This too, is largely dependent on the knowledge the leader has of his team members and the expectations he has of each of them. This completes the triad of teambuilding. All these are to done very judiciously, because his decisions at team building are critical for the organization’s future.


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